Microsoft Gives Users Front Row Access to Windows 11 Updates

Microsoft gives users front row access to Windows 11 updates. With this users can easily jump the queue and then roll the dice on new updates regarding Windows 11. Any new update could as well be a critical hit or miss, just so you know. So the question here is – is it worth the risk of running the latter?

Microsoft Windows 11 Updates

Microsoft Windows 11 Updates

Windows 11 just recently got an optional update where the company made a small but very significant change to the way updates on the platform work.

With the reported patch KB5025305, there is now a switch to toggle that will let you ask for your PC to be prioritized and kept at the front of the line for non-security updates. This means that updates that add features such as Microsoft’s new Moments for instance, just as opposed to the ones applying fixes to shore up security flaws on the platform.

How to Get the New Update

For those interested, you will find the toggle labeled as ‘Get the latest updates as soon as they are available’ on the Windows update page in the settings section or app. And this is after you have installed KB5025305.

You may have prior to this seen this very change in test builds, but right now it is present in the release version of Windows 11 although still in the form of a previous update. This optional update as you should know soon will become a reality for all Windows 11 PCs although. This is so as it will only get to roll out to every user as the cumulative update for May.

Another Tweak Added With the New Update

And as well as this very new ability to jump the line with Windows updates, KB5025305 introduces yet another tweak, and this time on the aesthetics front, with some animations included for the widget’s icon on the taskbar.



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