YouTube Music is Bringing Some Incredible Features to Android

Finally, YouTube Music is Bringing some Incredible Features that allow listeners to save their queues as playlists to the Android version of the popular music streaming app. The device option would show up on devices already, but if it is not appearing on your app just yet, it should be rolling out to all Android devices over the weekend of April 2-3.

YouTube Music is Bringing Some Incredible Features to Android

YouTube Music is Bringing some Incredible Features to Android

Just as reported by 9to5Google, the option for users to save their YouTube Music queues to Playlist has been available on iOS devices ever since January, and this feature was actually gotten from Google Play Music.

The feature was designed to work for any queue that is at the moment on your YouTube Music library, whether that be a queue that you have created for yourself or one of the mixes that were generated by YouTube Music based on your listening habits. If there is a mix that you like in particular, you are now able to permanently save it as its own playlist right into your YouTube library.

How to Save Queues as Playlists on YouTube Music

Just as stated, this feature should now be available on most Android devices also. But if you are yet to see it, your YouTube Music app might need updating. To do this, you would be required to simply close the app and relaunch it to see if the queue-saving feature has been added.

In other to save a queue as your playlists, open any queue or pre-made mix on your YouTube Music app. Tap on a song within that queue so that you see its album art, title, and progress in full-screen. At the bottom, you would see a tab that you can choose to swipe up with options for “up Next,” “lyrics” and “Related.”

Right after you have swiped this panel up, you should be presented with a ‘Save’ icon located at the top-right of the screen. Tap that, and this should take you to the ‘Add to Playlist’ submenu. Right on it, you would see all the playlists that you have already created through YouTube or YouTube Music. You can choose to save your queue to one of those, but have it at the back of your mind that this is irreversible, and if you make a mistake, you would be required to remove the song from the playlists manually.

You can choose to add the ‘New Playlist’ option right on the bottom-right of your screen in other to save the mix to a completely new playlist. And just like any new playlist, you would be prompted to set a name, description, and a private setting. Tap on ‘Create’ when you are done, and you would be saving your song queue or mix to a brand-new playlist.

YouTube Music Interested feature

Saving queues as playlists on YouTube Music is not something new for iOS listeners or those who happen to remember the feature from Google Play Music. Well, we are happy that this feature is now finally rolling out on Android devices, making the YouTube Music service a little bit more robust in terms of its feature set.

Sometimes, listening to our generated mixes, we come across an interesting song or group of songs that we are hearing for the very first time, and given YouTube’s algorithmically generated mixes, there is actually no guarantee that you would be coming across that song again unless you like the song.

The Save to Playlist features now allows Android users to keep those songs for good, easily accessible in a saved playlist for future listens. YouTube Music has become quite a solid alternative to the best music streaming apps in recent years, and this latest update makes it a lot better on Android devices.



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