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Google Store is a wonderful computer hardware retail store that is operated by Google. the site was founded on March 11, 2015, that is 6 years ago by Google. The industry deals with Technology, they sell Google pixel devices, Google Nest products, stadia, Chromecast dongles, Fitbit devices, and accessories such as earbuds, phone cases, chargers, and keyboards.

Google Store

If you need anything from the Store you can visit their website the site opens a shop called Google Shop, in November 2016, you can shop at store-within-store locations at select Best Buy stores in Canada

Google Store

The Google Store has headquarters which is located in Mountain View, California, and United States. They also sold Nexus, Daydream, and Cardboard devices until their discontinuations.

The site is based on what is produced by Google or made in collaboration with that company. Google opened a pop-up shop in New York City to show its recently announced hardware products.

Google Store Location

Google is in different places, but you can find they’re headquarter in California and United States. You can see them at Chelsea Market. They announced that the market will be selling their products like Pixel, Nest, Fitbit, and Pixel book devices.

They are Online, you can shop from the internet, the Google store replaces the devices section on the google play website.

You can also find them in Best Buy, in November 2016, they open a Google Shop, a store-within-a-store. The Google Shop is available at select Best Buy located in Canada.

Google Store App

The Store app keeps you in the know about things that matter to you. It helps you to get quick answers, explore your interests, and stay up to date with Discover.

The app is also fast access to Google search with the new Google home screen widget built for IOS  14. The more you use the app the better it gets. The amazing part of it, all searches in the Google app are protected by encrypting the connection between your devices and google.

Learn more about the Google Store app

Google store App free Download | Google Store App Install

How to Download Google Store App

Apps are made for use with supported Android and Chromebook devices, it cannot be used on Windows or Mac computers.

Below is a way to find and download the store app:

  • Go to your tab, open Google play store, or go there Web browser.
  • Search or browse for Store App, many google store app will appear.
  • Select the Store app and click on Install.
  • To update your Google store app, click on Play Store Update
  • Allow to load and update it

Google Store Extensions

The store extensions bring more features to the Google store app. It helps you add new features to your Chrome by Installing it.

You can open a google app extension, you can get it on IOS, On Mobile, and even on Android.

How To Install an Extension?

Note: the extension can be installed add on your windows, on your phone, and others.

Where to Buy Google Product

The Google store sells a lot of technology items. They have stores in the UK, Canada, Nigeria, and others. You can get their sales online from Amazon, Jumia, Best Buy, and more.

One of the easiest ways is to open your computer, go to your and click the product you want to buy.

Just click Buy, then pick your device options and configurations, if the product you choose is available.

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