A New Search Bar Is Coming To Google Docs

A new search bar is coming to Google Docs, slides, and Sheets. With this new search bar, Google Docs will now be able to solve just about all of your most pressing issues and problems.

New Search Bar Google Docs

New Search Bar Google Docs

Tracking the service or even the tweak that you need in Google Docs very soon should be a lot simpler all thanks to a new update that is coming to the platform.

The word processor tool as you know it is now introducing a new search bar that it claims will make it easier for users to exactly find whatever it is they are looking for and this is inclusive of commonly used features on the platform such as editing and formatting tools. For instance, entering “who last viewed this document” will bring the activity dashboard straight away.

The Newly Announced Addition Will Be Added To a Couple of Other Google Workspace Tools

And as well as Google Docs, the newly announced addition will be added to a couple of other Google workspace tools and services such as spreadsheet software Sheets and presentation software Slides thus replacing the current need to navigate to the Help menu in a bid to search all fields in the process.

The new search bar in question will be available almost instantly when opening up a new file, and it will initially offer suggestions for common actions on the platform, such as getting a Google Doc document properly set up, inserting rows or even columns in a Google Sheets file, or even editing the theme in a Google Slides presentation.

And as you start to build and edit a file, you will be able to locate recent actions as well as used features, or even further suggestions for functions that you might want to utilize in improving your file.

Google Workspace Blog Post Explaining the New Addition

“These refined tool-finding capabilities aim to help you quickly locate relevant features or functionality using your own words,” a Google Workspace blog post announcing the news stated.

“Whether you’re exploring collaboration, smart canvas, or formatting features, the enhanced tool finder will save you time and streamline your flow of work by helping you find the exact features you’re looking for much quicker.”

Availability and Rollout

The new addition in question will be on by default, and it will not need any IT admin changes or even controls. The addition has started rolling out at the moment and it will be available to all customers of Google Workspace customers as well as legacy G Suite Basic and Business as well as other users with personal Google accounts.



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