SONR Releases SONR Music Audio Swimming Aid 

SONR releases SONR Music audio swimming aid. The company SONR wants users to swap the bone-conduction swimming headphones for a head puck instead. The question with what the company has however released is – are bone conduction headphones about to get weird?

SONR Music Audio Swimming Aid 

SONR Music Audio Swimming Aid 

When you think of sports headphones, the thing that you get to imagine is something that covers your ears or at least comes close to your ears, as it is with many of the bone-conduction headphones today. And while they are not covering or invading your ear canals, they at least strap around your head and then sit close to your ears.

But there is however another way as a New York outfit known as SONR, which specializes in audio swimming aids, just recently released SONR Music, which is: “a 100% waterproof music player that uses bone conduction technology to enable swimmers to listen to their favorite songs, audiobooks, and podcasts even underwater”.

Design and Usage

Let’s just call it what it is. At 35g, this very circular disc with a central push button for playback (that puts me in mind of the timer included in the board game Articulate! Your Life) is kind of a musical head puck.

The company behind it, SONR, says that you can place it anywhere on your head as bone conduction tech will not work unless you have that bit right on your path, either by simply putting it under your swimming cap or just by using the strap that is included and that’s it, you are good to go.

Specs and Features

The device just in case you are wondering features 8GB of memory so you can easily upload podcasts or playlists to it for your training session and then control playback through the button which is one press for play/pause, two presses to skip a track and lastly, three presses to go back.

Bluetooth Connectivity

There is also Bluetooth compatibility for smartphone pairing as well as streaming “during dryland training such as cycling and running”, so presumably that the range isn’t ideal for long distances from the location of your smartphone. No Bluetooth version or range is quoted in the press release of SONR, so it seems very unlikely that you will be able to leave your phone poolside and then stream while you swim.



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