Apple TV+’s Argylle Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know So Far

Apple TV+’s Argylle release date, cast, plot, and everything we know so far. The movie Argylle is the latest spy film by Matthew Vaughn, and the trailer of the film showed a major twist to the whole premise. That said, here is the release date and everything we know about the film.

Apple TV+’s Argylle Release Date

Apple TV+’s Argylle Release Date

A new espionage thriller, “Argylle,” is set to premiere on Apple TV+, with Matthew Vaughn at the helm as both director and producer. Vaughn, a renowned English filmmaker, has garnered acclaim for his work on films such as “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,” “Stardust,” “X-Men: First Class,” and the popular “Kingsman” series.

His most recent project was the 2021 release of “The Kingsman,” which he co-wrote, directed, and produced. The screenplay for “Argylle” is being crafted by Jason Fuchs, known for his writing in movies like “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” “Pan,” and “Wonder Woman.” Alongside his writing duties, Fuchs will also take on the roles of producer and actor in this upcoming film.

“Argylle,” the forthcoming spy movie, is an adaptation of a yet-to-be-published novel by debut author Ellie Conway, also titled “Argylle.” Conway’s literary work is eagerly anticipated and slated for release early next year. The film’s director and producer, Matthew Vaughn, expressed his excitement about the project, remarking, “When I read this early draft manuscript, I felt it was the most incredible and original spy franchise since Ian Fleming’s books of the 50s.

This is going to reinvent the spy genre.” Vaughn’s enthusiasm suggests a fresh and dynamic take on the spy genre, akin to the groundbreaking impact of Fleming’s works in the 1950s.

Apple TV+’s Argylle Plot and Story

“Argylle,” the upcoming movie, centers on the character Elly Conway, an author known for her spy novels. Elly, a private individual who enjoys the quiet comfort of her home and the company of her cat, Alfie, finds herself unexpectedly thrust into the very world she pens about. Her storylines, eerily mirroring real spy operations, draw the attention of an actual spy organization, including the enigmatic character Argylle and the film’s antagonist, portrayed by Bryan Cranston.

In a twist of fate, Elly’s fictional narratives lead to real-life intrigue and danger, prompting Aiden, a spy, to intervene. He emerges to protect Elly from the unforeseen consequences her book has in the world of espionage. This narrative blurs the lines between fiction and reality, creating a thrilling cinematic experience.

Reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the film is anticipated to be the first in a series of at least three movies. “Argylle” promises an international backdrop, with scenes set in America, London, and various global locations. Marv Quinn Productions is set to produce the film, with Matthew Vaughn, Jason Fuchs, David Reid, and Adam Bohling as producers. The executive production team includes Carlos Peres, Zygi Kamasa, Adam Fishbach, and Claudia Vaughn, promising a rich blend of creative talent for this exciting new franchise.

Apple TV+’s Argylle Cast and Characters

Apple TV+ proudly announces that its upcoming spy thriller, “Argylle,” boasts an impressive, award-winning ensemble cast. The film stars Henry Cavill as Argylle, the world’s greatest spy, and Bryce Dallas Howard as Elly Conway, the author whose spy novels inadvertently entangle her in real-life espionage.

Director Matthew Vaughn is particularly enthused about Cavill’s performance, comparing his portrayal of Argylle to the iconic James Bond. “Henry Cavill, that man was born to play Bond. When you see how he is in this film, I was just like, ‘Wow, this guy is everything you’d imagine Bond to have been, or be. Bond has obviously a huge influence on me, but you wait until you see Argylle,” Vaughn remarked.

Cavill, a British actor known for his roles as Superman in DC Comics films, Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s “The Witcher,” and Sherlock Holmes in “Enola Holmes,” brings a wealth of experience from previous spy-themed films like “Mission Impossible: Fallout” and “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”

Joining Cavill and Howard are Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, Catherine O’Hara, John Cena, Dua Lipa, Ariana DeBose, and Samuel L. Jackson, each adding their unique talents to this star-studded lineup. Dua Lipa, an English singer, songwriter, and now actress, is set to make a significant impact in her big-screen debut. Although she made a cameo in “Barbie,” “Argylle” marks her first substantial acting role.

Lipa’s character, named Lagrange, is shown in a first-look image engaging in a romantic dance with Cavill’s character in a bar. Cavill, donning a green suit, and Lipa, dazzling in a sparkling gold dress and a blonde wig, hint at an intriguing dynamic. Furthermore, Lipa’s involvement extends beyond acting; she is also tasked with creating the score and original music for the film, infusing her distinctive disco-pop style into the movie’s soundtrack.

Release Date

“Argylle,” the highly-anticipated spy thriller, is set for a theatrical release on February 2, 2024. This release date places it alongside other notable films, including Barry Levinson’s gangster film “Wise Guys,” starring Robert DeNiro, and the supernatural horror movie “Imaginary.” After completing its run in theaters, “Argylle” will become available for streaming on Apple TV+.

This scheduling sets the stage for a diverse and exciting cinematic landscape, offering audiences a range of genres to choose from. “Argylle’s” transition from the big screen to Apple TV+ ensures that the film will reach a wide audience, accommodating both moviegoers who prefer the theatrical experience and those who enjoy streaming at home.



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