Windows 11 Will Soon Allow You to See the Apps That Might Have Been Spying On You

Windows 11 will soon allow you to see the apps that might have been spying on you. The software company is now trying a new privacy auditing feature which is now in testing.

Windows 11 Will Soon Allow You to See the Apps That Might Have Been Spying On You

Windows 11 Will Soon Allow You to See the Apps That Might Have Been Spying On You

Reports now claim that Microsoft has a new neat privacy tool and feature that is in testing. This new privacy tool allows you to see what and which applications recently have had access to sensitive parts of hardware such as your webcam.

This new privacy auditing tool first was shown on Twitter by David Weston, the company’s (Microsoft) vice president for enterprise and OS security, and it was present in a new preview build of the Windows 11 as it was being tested in the development channel a place where the earliest versions of the OS are placed via their paces.

What the Feature Is All About

As of now, you already know what the feature is all about. This new feature can be accessed via the settings page (in privacy and security > app permissions). Here you can see a list of recent activities, for instance, the apps that have accessed your microphone during the past week or even your camera which is another obvious point of call for checking up on potentially suspicious activities.

It should also interest you to know that the feature also keeps a tab on the applications that have access to your contacts or other details in regards to phone calls, your location, and many more. However, in each of the instances, the use is also notified of the exact time and the date the hardware in question was accessed.

The Importance and Benefit of This Feature

This feature without being told much about it is very important. It will surely serve as a useful way to keep an eye on your applications. It is another way of keeping tabs on sensitive hardware on your systems such as cameras and mics and even your contacts.

Cybersecurity has always been a big issue as many of the applications on our laptops and systems continue to keep spying on us without even knowing. This is therefore a great piece of information in regards to transparency relating to the type of software on your system and what they are up to.

Timely checkups on your privacy audits that are present in your system settings could provide some interesting findings and also even flag up apps that normally you wouldn’t know have got access to some really sensitive aspects of your system.


Microsoft has had quite a struggle with privacy when it comes to windows most especially since windows 10 was launched. So, it is quite a good thing to see that the software company is taking up a positive front on this one as this will help Windows 11 users maintain a better level of vigilance and security regarding their PCs. At the end of the day, it is all dependent on whether the feature makes the light of the day (pass through the testing period).


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