Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Color Options Leaked

Samsung galaxy watch 5 color options reportedly leaked as the launch appears to be really close. Continue reading to get more information on the incoming wearables from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Color Options Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Color Options Leaked

Currently, everyone is counting down to the launch of the Samsung galaxy watch 5 as well as the Samsung galaxy watch pro 5. With that being said, a couple of new leaks have given enthusiasts an idea and a sneak peek into the color variations to expect as well as also giving an update on a launch time that is not too far from now.

First of all, notable tipster, Evan Bass has given an update that will certainly reveal the various color option that the galaxy watch 5 will come in. and it already looks like we will be getting a sapphire, silver, and graphite for the standard version and then on the other hand silver, pink gold and sapphire for the smaller model.

Now moving on to the galaxy watch 5 pro, and if this leak is accurate, then we should be expecting two color choices which are black titanium and gray titanium. Rumors prior have all pointed towards more premium materials for the more premium versions of the smartwatch from Samsung.

When Will These Smartwatches Be Launched?

Now away from the color options of the smartwatch, SamMobile has recently seen the LTE variations of the galaxy watch 5 as they were making their way through the registration process at the federal communications commission (FCC) regulations in the united states. With that being said, it simply means that a launch could be imminent.

At the moment there has been nothing official from Samsung about these smartwatches to date. And also considering that the Samsung galaxy watch 4 and the Samsung galaxy watch classic were just unveiled in august 2021, it is fairly understandable to say that the new models will be showing up in August 2022. And it just might be that they may be available alongside some foldable phones.

If this is the case we all should be expecting more leaks to be appearing over the next few months while the tech giant Samsung gets things in place. And just as always, we will be bringing you official announcements as they develop these new products.


While nothing has been confirmed yet as to what to expect there have been quite a few leaks and rumors as to what to expect from Samsung smartwatches. Also, there have been talks about a super-premium third model in the ways that it is solely based on the codenames that have been leaked out.


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