World Cinema Fund (WCF) Africa 2024 – €40,000 Post-Production Funding

Applications for the 2024 edition of the World Cinema Fund (WCF) Africa are now open. The WCF Africa initiative was launched in collaboration with the German Federal Foreign Office and has become a beacon for filmmakers from sub-Saharan Africa, offering up to  €40,000 in post-production funding.

World Cinema Fund (WCF) Africa
World Cinema Fund (WCF) Africa

The inception of the WCF Africa program in 2016 marked an important moment in the collaboration between sub-Saharan African filmmakers and the global cinematic community. Spearheaded by the World Cinema Fund, this special funding opportunity has elevated projects from the region, fostering cultural exchange and artistic excellence.

World Cinema Fund (WCF) Overview

The WCF embraces projects in their post-production phase, requiring a significant portion of shooting completed and a rough cut in place during the submission. A critical note is that only films with a realistic completion timeline by October 2024 are eligible for consideration.

Funding for the World Cinema Fund (WCF) Africa 2024

  • Maximum Funding: €40,000 for post-production.
  • Total Production Costs: Projects should range between €200,000 and €1,400,000.
  • Utilization of Funds: The funding must be dedicated to the post-production process within the specified regions.
  • German Partnership: The contractual partner is always a German entity.
  • Expenditure Report: Final expenditure reports must be delivered by October 2024.

Eligibility Requirement for World Cinema Fund (WCF) Africa 2024

The World Cinema Fund (WCF) Africa is open to:

  • Film Production Companies from Sub-Saharan Africa Regions: Collaboration with a director from the same region/country is essential.
  • Registered Film Production Companies in Germany: Proof of working relationship with a sub-Saharan African director is a prerequisite.
  • Film Production Companies from Other EU Member States: A branch or place of business in Germany and a working relationship with a sub-Saharan African director are required.
  • The German Partner’s Vital Role: While a project can be submitted without a German partner initially, one becomes crucial upon a funding recommendation by the WCF jury. Acting as a bridge, the WCF facilitates connections, turning funding recommendations into contracts between the WCF and the German partner.

How to Apply for World Cinema Fund (WCF) Africa 2024?

There are two submission processes annually for the World Cinema Fund (WCF):

  • First Submission Process: Deadline at the end of February/beginning of March, with jury meetings in late June/early July.
  • Second Submission Process: Deadline in July, and jury meetings in early November.
  • Decisions on funding recommendations are unveiled at post-jury meetings.
  • Click this link to apply

For more information, visit World Cinema Fund at

Submission Documents:

Submission documents, to be attached in English or French, include:

  • Financing Information: Detailed financing plans in Euros and local currency, if available.
  • Budget: Detailed breakdowns in Euros and local currency.
  • Contracts and Agreements: Agreements and/or letters of intent from confirmed financing partners.
  • Rights Transfer: Documentation transferring rights from the screenwriter to the producer.
  • Artistic/Visual Concept: Mood boards, casting, locations, and narrative concepts.
  • Rough Cut Link: Password-protected link with English or French subtitles.

Application Deadline

February 28, 2024.



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