Your Next Zoom Meeting Just Might Take Place at a Cinema According To Reports

Your next zoom meeting just might take place at a cinema according to reports. This simply means that users will now be able to have access to a full cinema experience with all the snacks and drinks to go with it to their zoom meeting.

Your Next Zoom Meeting Just Might Take Place at a Cinema According To Reports

Your Next Zoom Meeting Just Might Take Place at a Cinema According To Reports

Both zoom and AMC have now linked up for a partnership that will turn locations of movie theaters all through the United States into video conferencing venues.

Users will now be able to book their preferred theater online and then will get a three-hour block of time to host their event virtually as zoom rooms across selected theaters all over the country.

Zoom and AMC will provide users with the necessary equipment for the complete Zoom Rooms experience, as well as also providing the option of snacks and beverage offerings, movie viewings, and concierge-style personalized handling of the meetings.

This Collaboration Is Set To Launch in 17 Major United States Markets In 2023

This very collaboration is set to be launched in 17 major United States markets sometime in 2023, and typical auditorium sizes are expected to range between 75 and 150 seats depending on the theater. This set of innovative attempts to put together new revenue should not come as a surprise as the fortune of both companies as of late has been uneven.

Wall Street Analysts Have Predicted a Loss per Share for AMC

Wall Street analysts have predicted a loss per share of 25 cents for the upcoming Q3 financial results of AMC, with factors given such as high costs of sanitation eating deep into its earnings, although all of these have substantially recovered ever since the pandemic devastated the cinema industry. The evaluation of zoon also has seen better days as its stock price is over 80% down from its October 2020 peak.

What AMC Has To Say About This Development

“Now through this partnership of Zoom and AMC, we have the best of both worlds — the spectacular communications platform of Zoom combined with the comfort, size, scale, and state-of-the-art sight and sound capabilities of AMC’s centrally located theatres,” Adam Aron, chairman and CEO of AMC Theaters said. ”This creates an all-new product in major cities across the U.S. for companies and meeting planners.”


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