Telsa Recalls 40,000 Vehicles According To Reports

Telsa recalls 40,000 vehicles over potential power steering failure according to reports. Some certain 2017-2021 Model S and X Telsa could potentially be experiencing a loss of power steering assist in the event that you drive on rough roads or hit a pothole.

Telsa Recalls 40,000 Vehicles According To Reports

Telsa Recalls 40,000 Vehicles According To Reports

Automobile company, Telsa has now reportedly called over 40,000 Model S and Model X vehicles in the United States due to a problem that could well result in reduced or lost power steering assist as per a safety recall report that was released earlier this month by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The vehicles in question were built from 2017 to 2021.

A Firmware That Updated Calibration Values Caused Certain Vehicles to Misclassify Rough Road Conditions

A firmware that was released that updated calibration values for the electronic power assist steering system of the vehicle caused certain vehicles to misclassify rough road conditions as unexpected steering assist torque and in the process resulting in a potential power steering problem, the NHTSA report stated. And just shortly after Telsa deployed firmware release 2022.36 in October, the carmaker then identified a spiked-up rate of alerts that are related to calibration values on certain vehicles that had the firmware already installed.

The Effects of Total or Reduced Loss of Power Steering

Reduced or a total loss of power steering can be very dangerous and most especially in cases when you are traveling at slower speeds because the increased effort that is needed to steer the vehicle can increase the possibility of a collision according to the NHTSA. And at this very time, in particular, Telsa has not learned of any incidents that are related to the issue that have caused death or injury.

Telsa Has Now Released an Over-The-Air Software Update

Telsa however has released an over-the-air software update to recalibrate the power assist steering system, and no further action is then required for affected vehicle owners that have firmware release 2022.36.5 or the later installed.


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