Woolley Hill Wind Farm Community Fund 2024 in UK (Up to £5,000 Grants) – APPLY NOW

The Cambridgeshire Community Foundation is accepting applications for Woolley Hill Wind Farm Community Fund 2024 in the United Kingdom. The Foundation, powered by the generosity of visionaries, channels millions of pounds annually into non-profit organizations enhancing community life near Woolley Hill Wind Farm in Hunts.

Woolley Hill Wind Farm Community Fund

Cambridgeshire Community Foundation supports diverse projects often overlooked by mainstream donors, ensuring a better quality of life for all in Cambridgeshire. Their commitment extends beyond financial aid, as they guide non-profits for sustained impact.

Woolley Hill Wind Farm Community Fund – Overview

Grants of up to £5,000 are available for projects benefiting the eligible parishes, fostering community development. The eligible areas and beneficiaries include communities in Alconbury, Weston, Barham and Woolley, Buckworth, Easton, Ellington, and Spaldwick. Projects must demonstrably impact a substantial portion of the local population.


The Impact of Woolley Hill Wind Farm Community Fund:

  • The grant catalyzes transformative initiatives, supporting local organizations that play a key role in community development.
  • The fund empowers communities and uplifts the underprivileged, thereby leaving a lasting positive imprint on the community it serves.
  • Grants of up to £5,000 are available for projects benefiting the eligible parishes.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Cambridgeshire Community Foundation prioritizes community-focused, not-for-profit entities.
  • Legal registration is required for organizations with income exceeding £5,000.
  • Eligible entities range from charities and religious organizations to schools, social enterprises, and sports clubs.
  • The Cambridgeshire Community Foundation embraces a broad spectrum of projects, funding salaries, vehicle rental, and capital items.
  • National organizations are also eligible if their impact remains within Cambridgeshire.
  • Organizations must demonstrate active community involvement as the success of the Woolley Hill Wind Farm Community Fund hinges on it.
  • Projects aligned with local needs and aspirations find greater resonance.

Ineligibility Criteria for Funding

  • The Foundation refrains from funding certain activities, such as political projects, religious practices, or overseas travel.
  • While managing individual grants, the Foundation mandates applications to be submitted through referring organizations, to ensure a structured and fair process.

How to Apply

  • Visit Cambridgeshire Community Foundation on https://www.cambscf.org.uk/funds/woolley-hill/
  • Click on the “Complete the online application form” icon
  • Check that your organization is eligible for funding and that your project is suitable for a grant, before proceeding to apply

Application Deadline

Aspiring beneficiaries have until February 01, 2024, to submit their applications.


How can my organization apply for a grant?

Visit the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation website at https://www.cambscf.org.uk/funds/woolley-hill/ for detailed application guidelines.

What types of projects are eligible for funding?

The Foundation supports a wide range of charitable causes, from education to community development.

Is there a limit on the number of grants an organization can receive?

Cambridgeshire Community Foundation evaluates each application on its merit, considering the potential impact on the community.

Can individuals apply for grants directly?

No, individuals must apply through referring organizations managing specific funds.

When is the next grant application cycle after February 01, 2024?

Check the Foundation’s website for updated information on future application cycles.

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