Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2024 (£5,000 Prize Award) – APPLY NOW

Are you good at writing Short stories? If yes, here is a remarkable opportunity to win up to £5,000 prize award – Apply for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2024! The call for application has been announced, and all excellent writers across the globe are encouraged to apply.

Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2024
Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2024

Meanwhile, the Commonwealth Short Story Prize offers opportunities without any degree restrictions. Whether you possess an undergraduate, graduate, or a PhD certificate, you can apply and compete with the community of writers. If you’re eligible to participate in this program, don’t hesitate to apply. Check the entry rules thoroughly to get into the competition

Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2024

The writers are allowed to submit a short essay of between 2,000 and 5000 words for the Commonwealth Foundation essay contest. The fiction genre, which encompasses science fiction, historical fiction, speculative fiction, romance, crime, and literary fiction, is a requirement for the award.

You can write on any of the aforementioned topics, depending on your interests and topic of preference. Turkish, Bengali, Chinese, Creole, French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Maltese, Samoan, Tamil, and Swahili are among the other languages that we accept submissions in.

There are about twenty stories in total, and only five regional winners will be selected. The pieces that secure first place in each region will all be published on Granta. The principles of inclusion, justice, and equality serve as the foundation for the Commonwealth Award.

Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2024 – What to Expect

To win, you need to submit a story that has not been published before. The worldwide judging panel and reader team will first evaluate your entries.

Each of the following Commonwealth regions Africa, Asia, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and the Pacific—will have a judge on the panel, along with a chairperson.

If the choices are in a language other than English, readers of that language should translate and review them before considering inclusion in the list. The winning story’s translator will also receive an additional prize.

Financial Benefits and Rewards of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2024:

  • The prize money for the winning authors will range from £2,500 to $5,000.
  • “The winning authors will experience a diverse range of English writing techniques.

  • knowledge of the Commonwealth’s goal, vision, and guiding principles.

The Commonwealth Short Story Prize’s 2024 Eligibility requirements include:  

  • All Commonwealth members are eligible to apply.
  • should be at least 18 years old.
  • Must be able to produce stories of high quality.
  • The tale should not have been previously published.

  • There should be 2000–5000 words in the story.
  • “We made no distinctions based on gender, color, religion, etc.

Application Process for Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2024

Criteria for Selection for the Commonwealth Award in 2024:

  • Outstanding academic record.
  • Writing ability.
  • Meeting the requirements for eligibility.

Application Deadline:

November 2, 2023, at 12 a.m. BST, is the application deadline for the Commonwealth essay competition 2024.



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