Schwarzkopf Foundation Young European of the Year 2024 (Up to €5,000 Prize)

The Schwarzkopf Foundation is searching for dedicated young individuals, aged 18 to 26, who are making a positive impact on Europe. These individuals should demonstrate exceptional commitment to actively promoting a diverse, inclusive European society built on solidarity.

Schwarzkopf Foundation Young European of the Year

They should also strive to combat injustice and various forms of discrimination. Through their passion and dedication, these young leaders serve as inspiration for others and exhibit strong leadership and responsibility in their respective areas of engagement.


  • The prize money for the Young European of the Year award is 5000 €. The recipient can use this funding for their own project or for an internship in a European or international organization.
  • The project should align with the goals of the Schwarzkopf-Foundation Young Europe, which aims to promote European integration and solidarity. Additionally, the award winner will have the opportunity to join the jury for the Schwarzkopf-Europe Award and benefit from being part of a European network.
  • The Schwarzkopf-Foundation will further enhance the visibility of the awardee’s endeavors through events, their extensive European network, and support in public relations.

Eligibility Requirement

  • In order to qualify for nomination, the nominee must be between the ages of 18 and 26 and actively involved in one of the member states of the Council of Europe.

Nomination Process

To be considered for the nomination, you need to respond to the question: “Why should this individual be selected as the Young European of the Year 2024?” Additionally, you have the option to submit a PDF document, up to 5 pages, containing references that showcase the nominee’s engagement, such as articles, pictures, websites, or screenshots of social media content.

To nominate, click here 

For more information please visit the official website of Schwarzkopf Foundation.

Application Deadline

April 7, 2024.

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