First National Bank (FNB) Graduate Trainee Program 2024 – Apply Now

The FNB Graduate Team is seeking individuals who think outside the box and bring innovative ideas, have a proactive approach, and can efficiently complete tasks while exceeding customer expectations.

First National Bank (FNB) Graduate Trainee Program
First National Bank (FNB) Graduate Trainee Program

All positions in the graduate program are permanent roles. As a graduate, you will be assigned to specific business units in a full-time capacity and will have the opportunity to participate in monthly training sessions and engage in an action learning project.

If you meet the criteria mentioned above and are in your last year of university, specifically studying BSc, Commerce, Quantitative Sciences, Engineering and Physical Sciences, or Information and Computing Sciences, you have the opportunity to apply for the FNB Graduate Program.


Your role includes:

  • Providing exceptional customer service by actively listening to customer needs and finding innovative solutions tailored to their requirements.
  • Contributing to the success of your team by efficiently completing tasks, planning effectively, maintaining accurate records, and updating information on time.
  • Actively participating in the organization’s innovation processes by joining brainstorming sessions, suggesting new ideas, and collaborating with colleagues to develop creative solutions that align with the business objectives.
  • Developing your career potential by engaging in knowledge-sharing initiatives, contributing to projects, and taking advantage of training opportunities to expand your expertise and stay updated with industry trends.
  • Taking ownership of your personal and professional growth by completing training assignments, attending relevant workshops and seminars, and actively seeking opportunities to enhance your skills and align with the company’s values, helping you reach your full potential.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated strong academic performance (proof of academic transcript is required during the application process).
  • Currently in the final year of a relevant university program, with a particular emphasis on BSc and Commerce faculties. We are looking for individuals who are studying programs such as Actuarial Science, Maths, Statistics, Engineering, Physics, Information Systems, Computer Science, Chemistry, Data Science, UX (usability and customer experience), or related fields.
  • Possesses an analytical and numerical mindset, along with exceptional problem-solving abilities.

 How To Apply

All scheduling of appointments will adhere to FirstRand Group’s Employment Equity strategy. The Bank promotes the hiring and progression of individuals with disabilities. Candidates have the option to reveal their disability status voluntarily to enable the fulfilment of this objective. The Bank will ensure that this information remains confidential unless obliged by law to disclose it to other parties.

You need to submit your CV and the most recent academic transcript.

To begin your application, click here 

To get additional information, visit the FNB Graduate Programme’s official website.

Application Deadline

August 23, 2024.



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