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The BIC Africa Acceleration Programme 2024 aims to assist a total of 20 female entrepreneurs, with 15 coming from specific country projects like Angola, Comoros, Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Somalia, and 5 from other Sub-Saharan African countries.

BIC Africa Online Acceleration Programme 2024
BIC Africa Online Acceleration Programme 2024

These entrepreneurs are seeking to expand their businesses and contribute to the fulfilment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The programme will take place from April to July 2024, lasting for four months. It is designed for successful female entrepreneurs who have businesses generating revenue and are registered startups in various industries.

The programme will utilize online training modules, coaching sessions, individual exercises, and a networking event with experienced women entrepreneurs from Africa and Europe who have expertise in supporting innovative startups and entrepreneurs.

Core Programme

The main components of the program will consist of:

  • Six interactive training modules (lasting 1.5 hours each) will be conducted online. The modules will cover various topics including Mission and Unique Value Proposition, Product Development, Business Model, Team & Partnerships, Finance, and Marketing.
  • Four group coaching sessions (lasting 1.5 hours each) will be conducted online. These sessions will cover topics such as Leadership and Influencing skills, Business and Personal Finances, Storytelling and Pitch Training, and Time Management.
  • Two Networking sessions (held at the beginning and end of the program).
  • Participants will have access to support documents and recordings of the sessions.
  • Participants will be integrated into the BIC Africa community of women entrepreneurs, with their visibility being featured on the BIC Africa website and LinkedIn Group. They will also have access to various networking opportunities, market linkage opportunities and events.


  • Completion of the 12-week course acceleration programme will present participants with the chance to receive a Certificate of recognition in an electronic format from EBN – BIC Africa project, provided they attended at least 9 out of the 12 sessions.
  • The programme will pave the way for additional opportunities and Awards.
  • Exceptional participants chosen by the BIC Africa expert committee will have the opportunity to engage in remote one-on-one mentoring sessions. They will be paired with a European incubation expert to support their development.
  • High-achieving participants chosen by the BIC Africa expert committee will have access to various Business Awards, such as extra support, increased visibility on the BIC Africa website, and the opportunity to take part in a BIC Africa event.
  • The primary goal of the BIC Africa Acceleration Programme is to support the 20 participants in:
    • Investigating potential paths for expansion and development of their businesses and solutions.
    • Evaluating the skills of their team and examining how their business model can adjust to the expansion stage.
    • Clearly communicate the social benefits of the proposal and how it aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals.
    • Gain access to qualified industry, local, and global professionals.
    • Become part of an active network of female entrepreneurs to gain knowledge, share experiences, and build connections.
    • Connect with BIC Africa and the European Business Innovation Centre Network (EBN) to maximize the potential of women entrepreneurs (refer to: ).

Eligibility Requirements

  • The BIC Africa Acceleration Programme is seeking established women entrepreneurs who are interested in expanding their businesses (potentially at an international level) with the support of BIC.
  • A total of twenty women entrepreneurs will be chosen to participate in a comprehensive online training course consisting of six modules. In addition, they will have the opportunity to engage in group coaching sessions (four sessions) focusing on specific topics covered in the training. Furthermore, participants will take part in two networking sessions and be introduced to the alumnae network of the BIC Africa Women Acceleration programme. This will provide them with access to various networking opportunities, market linkage opportunities, and events.

The ideal candidate should:

  • Be a woman (minimum age of 18 years old) who is the founder/owner of an already established business with an operational team and strong potential for development.
  • Be available between April and July 2024 to participate in the Programme, committing a maximum of 2 hours per week for online sessions, as well as additional time for individual work and reflection on the learnings.
  • Already be running a start-up or company (registered for at least 1 year) and aiming to scale up.
  • Show dedication to actively engage in all aspects of the Acceleration Programme and contribute to its future advancement. Ensure that you have a dependable internet connection available.
  • Possess a good working knowledge of the English language.

Assessment Criteria

Once the qualifications have been verified, BIC Africa will assess the nominations using the criteria and scoring outlined below:

  • Business description and business model: This will evaluate the overall business. Entrepreneurial profile/team, and how the company’s offerings meet market needs (10 points).
  • Innovation dimension: This will assess the innovative aspects of the product or service (10 points).
  • Scalability: This criterion evaluates the potential for significant growth of the product or service and the feasibility for the company to achieve it (10 points).
  • Impact: This criterion assesses how the solution will create social and environmental impact, with a preference for alignment with the UN SDGs (10 points).
  • Motivation: This criterion assesses the level of motivation expressed by the applicant in the pitch deck (10 points).

How To Apply For BIC Africa Online Acceleration Programme 

To apply, you need a Google account and should complete the designated Google, application form. This form comprises three parts:

  • Answer the questions regarding general information about yourself and your business.
  • Create and upload a Pitch Deck in either PowerPoint Presentation or PDF format.
  • Use the PowerPoint Presentation template to design your pitch deck, ensuring to adhere to the instructions. (The file size should not exceed 10MB, with a maximum of 20 slides. And can be uploaded in either PPT or PDF format within the Google application form.)
  • Submit your CV in either PDF or Word format, with a maximum size of 10MB, using the Google application form.

Only applicants who have completed all three components will be considered for selection.

For More Information visit the Official Webpage of the BIC Africa Online Acceleration Programme.    

Application Deadline

March 19,  2024.



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