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The Acumen East Africa Fellows Program is a guiding light for social innovation, developing leaders dedicated to addressing the urgent issues in the region.

Acumen East Africa Fellows Program
Acumen East Africa Fellows Program

This piece offers a detailed look at the program, including its funding, the application process, and the important criteria for eligibility that drive this transformative endeavor.

Unveiling the Acumen East Africa Fellows Program

The Acumen East Africa Fellows Program is a fellowship program that lasts for a year. It is created by Acumen, a global impact investment organization. The program’s goal is to provide individuals with the necessary skills and networks to bring about social change. It specifically focuses on East Africa and aims to identify, support, and empower emerging leaders who have a vision for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Program Goals and Purpose

The Acumen East Africa Fellows Program is an active project with a specific purpose: to discover, cultivate, and empower up-and-coming leaders who are committed to making a positive impact on society in East Africa. The program’s main goals focus on promoting innovative solutions, creating a supportive network of change agents, and igniting transformative initiatives that tackle complex issues.

Grant Funding Amount

The Acumen East Africa Fellows Program offers financial assistance to chosen fellows, providing support to enhance the influence of their ventures. Although the exact amount of the grant may differ, starting from €2500 and more, the program’s objective remains evident: to stimulate beneficial transformations by investing in forward-thinking leaders.

Application Process

The application process for The Acumen East Africa Fellows Program is as follows:

  • Online Application Submission: Prospective fellows begin their journey by submitting a detailed application online. This document provides information about the candidate’s background, leadership experience, and vision for addressing social challenges in East Africa.
  • Rigorous Selection and Interview Process: The application goes through a thorough evaluation process, which shows Acumen’s dedication to finding individuals with the potential to make a significant impact. Successful candidates move on to the interview stage, where they can further explain their vision and goals.
  • Evaluation Criteria: Acumen focuses on specific criteria during the selection process, such as a proven track record of leadership, a commitment to creating social change, and a clear vision for positive transformation. The evaluation process aims to identify fellows who share Acumen’s mission and values.

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements of The Acumen East Africa Fellows Program are as follows:

  • The Acumen East Africa Fellows Program is designed for emerging leaders in East Africa. This program focuses on the specific challenges and opportunities unique to the region.
  • To be eligible for the program, candidates must show a strong commitment to social change and a history of actively contributing to their communities. This commitment is essential for the transformative impact Acumen aims to achieve with its fellows.
  • Acumen is looking for individuals who have a vision for creating systemic change. Fellows should be able to communicate a clear and effective strategy for tackling social challenges while understanding the larger systems they operate.

Duration and Structure of the Program

The duration and structure of the program and the various components and activities involved include:

  • Program Duration and Structure: Fellowship for a Year: The Acumen East Africa Fellows Program is a year-long fellowship that fully engages participants in comprehensive and transformative experiences.
  • Blend of Online and In-Person: The program combines virtual and in-person elements, including online training and mentorship as well as immersive experiences and placements in East Africa.
  • Range of Activities: The program includes a wide range of activities such as grant funding, mentorship, skill-building workshops, networking, and exposure to U.S. businesses to foster the growth of impactful leaders.
  • Building a Collaborative Community: The program creates a collaborative community where fellows connect with industry experts, mentors, and like-minded individuals, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration. This community-building extends beyond the fellowship duration to build lasting connections among program alumni.

Learning and Development Opportunities in the Acumen East Africa Fellows Program

The Acumen East Africa Fellows Program offers tailored training modules and skill-building workshops. To equip participants with tools to address social challenges. Learning development includes:

  • Leadership development is a central focus of the program, enhancing skills such as resilience and adaptability.
  • Fellows benefit from immersive experiences and placements that expose them to diverse perspectives within East Africa.
  • The program also offers exposure to U.S. businesses to learn from global best practices.
  • Mentorship from seasoned professionals is a cornerstone of the program, providing personalized support and network-building opportunities.
  • The program fosters a collaborative community for peer learning and networking events and conferences.
  • Participants gain enhanced leadership skills, strategic thinking capabilities, cross-cultural competence, practical insights from U.S. business exposure, and expanded networks.

Impact on Fellows and the Region

The Acumen East Africa Fellows Program offers more than just money. It gives fellows a complete experience that includes guidance, education, and exposure to different viewpoints. By creating a community of people who want to make a difference, the program empowers fellows to create lasting and inclusive solutions in East Africa.


The Acumen East Africa Fellows Program is dedicated to developing influential leaders in the region. By providing funding, mentorship, and a transformative fellowship experience, ultimately contributing to a network of change-makers striving for a better future in East Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can participants engage with U.S. businesses during the program?

Yes, participants can engage with U.S. businesses during the program. This allows them to learn from the best practices globally and apply them to their ventures in East Africa.

How can individuals stay connected after completing the program?

After completing the program, individuals can stay connected through various means. They can participate in networking events, and collaborate on initiatives. And engage in events organized by Acumen to maintain their connection with the community.

What skills and knowledge can participants gain from the program?

The program equips participants with various skills and knowledge such as improved leadership capabilities. Strategic thinking, cross-cultural competence, practical insights from exposure to U.S. business, and broader professional networks through mentorship and community involvement.



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