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Save the Children is a prominent non-governmental organization dedicated to assisting children in need. With operations in more than 120 countries, they prioritize saving children’s lives, advocating for their rights, and supporting their development. In Nigeria, Save the Children is actively involved due to the alarming statistics – one in five children in the country does not survive past their fifth birthday.

Information Management Coordinator At Save The Children Nigeria
Information Management Coordinator At Save The Children Nigeria

Additionally, approximately 40% of children are unable to attend school and must engage in labor to sustain themselves. Furthermore, nearly 2 million children have experienced the loss of one or both parents due to AIDS-related illnesses. Save the Children is currently seeking qualified candidates to fill the position below:

  • Job Title: Information Management Coordinator
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Employment Type: Full-time

Job Description

The role of the Information Management Coordinator (IM) will involve overseeing the collection, analysis, and sharing of information related to the key humanitarian activities, targets, and gaps of partner organizations in the Cluster. This will be done through the utilization of the inter-cluster Activity.Info data management system.

The IM will also facilitate the analysis and visualization of partner data to support effective coordination and decision-making by the Education Cluster team.

Through the use of evidence-based information, the IM will assist the Education Cluster coordinators, sub-coordinators, and other stakeholders such as UNICEF, the Ministry of Education, and the UN OCHA Information Management team. The IM will strive to serve the needs of all partners within the Education Cluster impartially and closely.

Key Areas of Accountability

  1. Monthly, data pertaining to the activities of Education Cluster partners is gathered, examined, and presented, with the aim of facilitating evidence-based decision-making for both Education Cluster partners and humanitarian actors.

Key Activities

  • Utilize Activity Information from Education Cluster partners to gather and review monthly segregated data for enhancing cluster performance at both national and subnational levels.
  • Obtain and assess monthly data from sub-national cluster coordinators and relevant authorities, such as the Ministry of Education at the national level and Education Authorities at sub-national levels, to provide insights to Education Cluster partners and external stakeholders (including OCHA and donors).

Specific Deliverables

  • Support Education Cluster partners in contributing monthly data to Activity. Information, including uploading relevant reporting data from Save the Children education response to the Activity Info system.
  • Assist partners in processing individual requests for data upload to the AI system.
  • Collect and analyze data on school-aged children and education, with specific reference to displacement, non-displacement, returnees, and refugees on a monthly basis. Visualize the data upon request and identify key trends and gaps to inform Cluster actions.
  • Provide and analyze the required data to create data snapshots, factsheets, and other information materials for the Education Cluster team and partners.
  1. Education information management products are provided to support and enhance the performance of the Education Cluster.

Specific Deliverables

  • Regularly updated dashboards displaying the education situation, including information on the modality of learning, attacks on education, and response-gap analysis at national and subnational levels, are created and shared among cluster partners.
  • Dashboards focusing on the education situation in specific sub-regions or oblasts are produced and kept up to date.
  • Upon request, a mapping depicting the presence and geographical distribution of education cluster partners is generated and maintained.
  • The Education Cluster website is regularly refreshed with the latest information and situation updates concerning the Humanitarian Response, in coordination with the Ministry of Education and the Cluster Coordination Team.
  1. Assistance is offered to enhance strategic coordination within the cluster by providing Information Management expertise. This includes organizing bi-weekly meetings during assigned cluster gatherings.

Key Activities

  • Attend cluster-related meetings, maintain a list of partner attendance for these meetings, and keep partners updated on matters related to information management (IM) or reporting.
  • Participate in meetings of the OCHA-led Information Management Working Group (IMWG) to discuss and resolve IM-related issues.
  • Produce and maintain digital contact lists for clusters to facilitate communication with partners in different locations.
  • Contribute to Education chapters of important humanitarian documents such as the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO), Severity Mapping, People in Need (PiN), and cluster targets. This is done under the guidance of OCHA-led IM team during the HNO/HRP process, as well as relevant Education Cluster Strategy chapters.

Specific Deliverables

  • Regular updates are made to the attendance lists for Cluster coordination meetings in order to keep partners well-informed about information management (IM) matters.
  • Active participation in IM meetings led by OCHA enables effective addressing of IM-related issues.
  • Timely analysis and contributions are made to important humanitarian documents such as the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO), Severity Mapping, People in Need (PiN), and cluster targets. This is done under the guidance of OCHA-led IM team during the HNO/HRP process, as well as relevant Education Cluster Strategy chapters with the support of Cluster Coordinators.
  1. Play a role in enhancing/improving the capacity for information management among relevant partners and stakeholders.

Key Activities

  • Capacity building trainings are carried out to enhance the reporting skills of partners in Activity Info and other relevant information management (IM) matters.
  • These trainings may include individual mentoring and consultations with partners to provide personalized guidance and support.

Specific Deliverables

  • Development of training materials/guides for partners to report on Activity.Info is undertaken.
  • Training sessions are organized for partners at various sub-national levels to guide them on reporting through Activity.Info
  1. Regular assessments are conducted to determine the educational requirements of children affected by war (this includes those who are displaced, non-displaced, or have returned to their homes). Based on the findings from these assessments, recommendations are presented to address any gaps in education.

Key Activities

  • Contribute to multi-sectoral and inter-sectoral needs assessment activities conducted by the cluster.
  • Keep the needs assessment database of the cluster updated.
  • Assist the Education Cluster team, MoES and cluster partners in devising data collection and analysis tools for the purpose of needs assessment or any other relevant applications.

Specific Deliverables

  • Collaborate with Education Cluster partners to evaluate needs and identify information deficiencies at both national and sub-national levels, and suggest strategies to address those gaps.
  • Assist in conducting comprehensive needs assessments that encompass multiple sectors and involve questionnaire development, in coordination with Education Cluster coordinators.
  • Offer technical support throughout the process of needs assessment, including tasks such as creating online forms, facilitating data collection, analysis, and visualization.

 Additional Job Responsibilities

The mentioned duties and responsibilities are not comprehensive, and the individual in this role may be expected to perform additional tasks within the scope of their skills and experience.

  • Child Safeguarding: Ensuring the safety of children is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, our selection process includes thorough background checks to demonstrate our commitment to protecting children from abuse.
  • Health and Safety: The role holder is responsible for conducting their tasks in compliance with SCI’s health and safety policies and procedures.

Qualifications and Experience


  • Possession of a university degree, preferably at an advanced level, in a field related to information analysis and management (e.g., computer science, statistics, or other relevant disciplines).
  • Proficiency in information management, including database management and analysis.
  • Exceptional communication skills, with an ability to work effectively with diverse groups and meet deadlines.
  • Demonstrating political and cultural sensitivity, along with qualities such as patience, tact, and diplomacy.
  • Being adaptable and willing to work in challenging and potentially unsafe environments.


  • Having received formal training in cluster information management is beneficial.
  • Possessing skills and experience in advocacy.
  • Previous involvement in initial emergency response efforts.
  • Previous experience in cluster coordination or the humanitarian sector.
  • Familiarity with the Humanitarian Program Cycle, including experience with humanitarian response planning and/or conducting humanitarian needs overviews.

Key Competences

Generic Competencies

  • Child Rights Advocacy: Encourages creating a supportive environment that promotes children’s participation and accountability.
  • Embracing Innovation: Encourages the exploration of new and improved approaches to driving advancements for children.
  • Achieving Large-Scale Results: Emphasizes the importance of focusing on impactful project and program design, management, and oversight.
  • Amplifying Children’s Voices: Supports evidence-based policies and public engagement that actively involve the perspectives of children and their communities.
  • Advancing Equality and Inclusion: Demonstrates a commitment to prioritize the needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized children and adolescents.
  • Building and Strengthening Partnerships: Recognizes the importance of collaborating with diverse partners to achieve objectives effectively.
  • Upholding Child Rights: Advocates for the rights of children, both within one’s own work and when interacting with colleagues and peers.


  • Employment aligned with the Ukrainian legal system
  • Working hours from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Medical and Life Insurance provided from the first working day
  • The organization covers English language courses expenses
  • Office located in the central part of the city
  • Provision of coffee and cookies in the office
  • Provision of coffee and cookies in the office

How To Apply

  • Having a CV in English would be beneficial.
  • It would be appreciated if you could mention the expected salary range and your level of proficiency in the English language.
  • Interested and qualified? Click here to apply online

Application Deadline

Not Specified.



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