Apply for TWAS-Mohammad A. Hamdan Award 2024 (Up to $5,000 Award)

Established in 2020, this esteemed biennial award commemorates the memory of Prof. Mohammad A. Hamdan, who was TWAS’s late Vice-President for the Arab Region. The award recognizes outstanding contributions in mathematics by a scientist residing and working in Africa or the Arab region.

TWAS-Mohammad A. Hamdan Award

TWAS-Mohammad A. Hamdan Award 2024

Prof. Hamdan, a TWAS Member since 1988, was dedicated to TWAS’s mission and actively supported its objectives. His commitment was so profound that he generously endowed a significant sum to establish this award in his honor.


  • Every two years, the recipient of the award receives a certificate and a sum of $5,000.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The award recognizes outstanding mathematical achievements (encompassing pure, applied, probability, and statistical fields) by scientists based and employed in Africa or the Arab region.
  • Suitable nominees must be citizens of an African or Arab nation and should have been living and working there for at least two consecutive years before their nomination.
  • TWAS Fellows are not qualified for consideration.
  • Self-nominations and those submitted by jury members will not be considered.

Nomination Process

A complete nomination includes the following details/material:

  • Contact information of the nominator
  • Contact information and general background of the nominee, including the country of residence in the last two years
  • Nominee’s authorization to process personal data for the nomination, per Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 Art. 13. This authorization must be submitted through the online platform using the downloadable privacy form available in the “Nominee’s Personal Data” section. The form must be completed, signed by the candidate, and then uploaded onto the online platform.
  • A concise citation (15-20 words) highlighting the nominee’s achievements in mathematical sciences.
  • A detailed supporting statement outlining the nominee’s contributions, emphasizing the significance of their work in the scientific field. It should clearly discuss the scientific impact of the nominee’s work. Vague statements will not be considered and may impact the evaluation negatively.
  • Comprehensive information on any international stays by the nominee in the preceding two years.
  • Details of the PhD subject area, year, and awarding institution.
  • Brief overview of memberships in academic societies and institutions.
  • Summary of awards and honors received
  • A list of the ten most notable publications in an internationally recognized format.
  • The nominee’s brief CV and a full list of publications should be separately uploaded onto the online platform.

To nominate, click here 

Visit the official website of the TWAS-Mohammad A. Hamdan Award for more information.

Application Deadline

May 10, 2024.

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