The World Around Young Climate Prize 2025 – APPLY NOW

The Young Climate Prize award and mentorship program is now accepting applications for their second cycle. The prize was created by The World Around, a nonprofit organization based in New York, to support a new wave of designers and activists who were born into a world struggling with climate change, and who have the ability to tackle it creatively.

The World Around Young Climate Prize 2025
The World Around Young Climate Prize 2025

The program will pair 25 people under the age of 25 with Design Champions, a group of internationally renowned architects, urbanists, and designers, who will act as their mentors. Each mentee will have at least three hour-long sessions with their mentor to enhance their projects, brainstorm new ideas, and gain inspiration from a supportive expert.

The cohort will take part in a “Design Academy” where weekend virtual workshops will cover topics ranging from fundraising and marketing to graphic design, communications, and film-making. These workshops will also be an opportunity for the cohort members to connect and collaborate with each other.


  • The competition will select 25 individuals under the age of 25 to receive mentorship, and three of them will be awarded a trip to New York to showcase their work at the esteemed Annual Summit of The World Around in 2025.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Anyone aged between 13 and 25, who have utilized design, architecture, technology, as well as creative and cultural skills to combat the climate crisis, can participate.
  • Participants can be from any location worldwide.

Application Process

All individuals have access to applications and computer programs for free. You can easily upload a two-minute video detailing your self-initiated climate-focused project and provide your personal information. This is your chance to share your message and ideas with others.

Too be a part of this opportunity, click here.

Visit the official website of The World Around Young Climate Prize for more information.

Application Deadline

July 31, 2024.



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