The next iOS Update Will Now Make It More Difficult to Break into Your iPhone

The next iOS update will now make it more difficult to break into your iPhone. The stolen device protection of Apple now addresses a significant security vulnerability that enabled anyone with the PIN of your iPhone to take over your Apple ID.

The Next iOS Update

The Next iOS Update

Apple is gearing up to enhance the security features in its upcoming iOS 17.3 update, which is expected to be released next week. A noteworthy addition is the ‘Stolen Device Protection’ feature, aimed at significantly bolstering the security against potential theft and unauthorized access to Apple IDs and sensitive financial information on Apple devices.

This update comes as a response to the vulnerability highlighted in a February 2023 report by the Wall Street Journal, which pointed out the ease with which thieves could compromise an Apple ID using the iPhone’s lock screen passcode.

What the Current System Looks Like

Under the current system, a lock screen passcode is sufficient to access or modify personal and financial data. However, with iOS 17.3, Apple is introducing a more robust security protocol. To make certain changes, users will need to use Face ID or Touch ID, and in some instances, a waiting period of an hour is required. Although Apple has not specified the exact release date, this feature has been in testing as part of the 17.3 beta since December.

Other Notable Features the iOS 17.3 Update Will Introduce

In addition to enhanced device security, iOS 17.3 will introduce other notable features. As reported by MacRumors, these include a ‘Collaborative Playlists’ option in Apple Music, allowing multiple users to edit a playlist and react to songs with animated emojis. Also, a new ‘Unity Bloom’ wallpaper will be introduced, complementing the latest Black Unity Collection watchbands. Another significant update is the ability for iPhones to AirPlay content to TVs in hotel rooms, a feature initially planned for last year but delayed.

How to Get the New iOS Update

For those eager to experience these updates, Apple has released the iOS 17.3 release candidate, offering users an opportunity to try the update before its official rollout next week.



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