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STARTS4AFRICA is thrilled to announce the Call for Artists for its STARTS4AFRICA Residency Programme in 2024. This Residency programme is an exceptional initiative designed to foster innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on four dynamic countries: Senegal, Ghana, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

STARTS4AFRICA Residencies Programme 2024
STARTS4AFRICA Residencies Programme 2024

Artists are invited to participate in a 6-month residency, addressing pressing challenges and pushing the boundaries of creative expression. Some of the challenges that will be addressed are centred around Food and Water, Digital Mapping and Speculative Landscapes, Culture and Coding, Wearable Technology and Smart Textiles, Immersive Storytelling, Rethinking Sustainable Construction, and Speculative Urbanism.

STARTS4AFRICA Residencies Programme 2024 –  Details

The STARTS4AFRICA Residencies Programme promises an enriching experience for selected artists. The programme is scheduled to kick-start in March 2024, with each residency running for 8 months, including a 6-month residency phase and a subsequent 2-month outreach phase.

STARTS4AFRICA Residencies Programme consists of five (5) distinct phases, to provide a holistic approach to nurturing artistic innovation.

Benefits of Participating in STARTS4AFRICA Residencies Programme

  • Financial Support: Artists selected for the programme will receive sufficient financial backing, with a budget of up to €35,000 dedicated to cover various aspects.
  • The expenses covered include artist fees, organizational expenses related to exhibitions and events, as well as other crucial costs for the seamless execution of projects, such as artwork/prototype production.
  • Participants will enjoy access to resources and facilities provided by the Residency Host Institution.
  • Expert Guidance: Opportunity to engage with a Local Expert Group and benefit from an individualized Mentoring Programme. This unique opportunity includes tailored sessions covering both business-specific and tech/sci-related topics, ensuring comprehensive support throughout the residency.
  • Networking Opportunities: Participating artists will get to connect with the Europe-wide S+T+ARTS network, for collaboration and knowledge exchange. Additionally, participation in S+T+ARTS4AFRICA Community events, both online and on-site, opens avenues for networking and exposure.
  • Showcasing Artistic Output: Selected artists stand a chance to exhibit their work at prestigious events, including the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz in September 2024. The residency also offers visibility through impactful communication activities, promoting artistic output and innovative spillovers.

Eligibility Requirements for STARTS4AFRICA Residencies Programme 2024

  • STARTS4AFRICA invites proposals from individual artists or artist collectives with previous experience.
  • Eligible applicants include nationals of the countries covered by STARTS4AFRICA (DR Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and Tanzania), as well as permanent residents in any country in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Artistic teams blending talents from Europe and Sub-Saharan African countries are also encouraged to apply.

Expected Outputs from Artists

  • Artists participating in the programme are expected to deliver tangible and innovative outputs addressing local challenges.
  • This can take the form of artworks or functional/speculative artistic prototypes.
  • Key responsibilities include providing a descriptive abstract, a development plan, and active participation in various events to share experiences and promote residency results.

How to Apply for STARTS4AFRICA Residencies Programme 2024?

The application process for the STARTS4AFRICA Residencies Programme is online;

  • Interested artists who meet the above-listed requirements can submit proposals online through the provided Online Form at
  • The application includes administrative information, declarations, an Artistic Proposal template, a Curriculum Vitae, and a Portfolio.
  • Applicants are advised to thoroughly read the Guide for Applicants, challenge descriptions, and instructions to ensure successful submission.
  • Applicants are allowed to submit up to two proposals, to different challenges (one proposal per challenge).

For more information, Visit STARTS4AFRICA Residencies at

Application Deadline

Artists have until February 18, 2024, 17h00 Central European Time to submit their proposals.



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