Apple Tells Artists How Much More They Can Make With Spatial Audio

Apple tells artists how much more they can make with Spatial Audio. The reported 10 percent increase in payout will apply to all Apple Music tracks that have Spatial Audio, even if it is that users don’t listen to that very version.

Apple Artists Spatial Audio

Apple Artists Spatial Audio

Apple Music will provide artists with a bonus payout of up to 10 percent in royalties for songs available in spatial audio, according to an update sent to record label partners. Starting with the January month-end payout, the pro-rata shares for plays in spatial audio will be calculated using a factor of 1.1, while non-spatial audio plays will continue to use a factor of 1.

Pro rata refers to the distribution of subscription money based on the number of streams, and this move aims to incentivize musicians and record labels to release songs in the Dolby Atmos-supported spatial audio format. Apple’s devices, including AirPods, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and HomePod, support spatial audio.

How the Availability of Songs in Spatial Audio on Apple Music Has Impacted the Platform

The availability of songs in spatial audio on Apple Music has seen a significant increase, with a reported 5,000 percent rise since the feature’s launch in 2021. While the exact figure representing this increase was not provided, Apple Music noted the substantial growth in the catalog of songs available in spatial audio and stereo.

Spatial Audio Is Not Exclusive To Apple Music

Spatial audio is not exclusive to Apple Music and is also offered by other streaming platforms like Tidal and Amazon Music Unlimited. Additionally, streaming video platforms such as Netflix and HBO Max support spatial audio. However, Spotify, despite announcing a premium HiFi tier in 2021, has not yet provided a release date for its spatial audio offerings.



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