Rock Band 4’s DLC Drops Are Reportedly Ending

Rock Band 4’s DLC drops are reportedly ending after eight whopping years and almost 3,000 songs. This new development simply means that the remarkable and most incredible run of new songs for the game is close to being over.

Rock Band 4’s DLC Drops Are Ending

Rock Band 4’s DLC Drops Are Ending

Harmonix, now a subsidiary of Epic Games, has announced that it will cease releasing new DLC songs for Rock Band 4 by the end of this month. This decision brings an end to an impressive eight-year run during which nearly 3,000 songs were added to the game as downloadable content. The final batch of DLC will be available on January 25th.

What Will Happen To Players Who Already Bought Songs

For players who have already purchased songs, Harmonix assures continued access to their existing DLC library. Daniel Sussman from Harmonix emphasized in a blog post that players can enjoy the songs they own in Rock Band 4 indefinitely, reaffirming the studio’s dedication to preserving players’ investment in the game’s content.

The Introduction of the Fortnite Festival

In an interesting development, Sussman mentioned the recent introduction of Fortnite Festival, a music-themed mode in Fortnite. Currently resembling Rock Band sans the iconic plastic instruments, there are plans to integrate support for “RB4 instruments” into this mode. This integration suggests that Rock Band 4 players might soon have the opportunity to use their familiar instruments within Fortnite, signaling that it’s not yet time to retire those guitars.

Rock Band 4 Fans Can Look Forward To The Final DLC Songs

While waiting for this integration, Rock Band 4 enthusiasts can look forward to the final DLC songs. Sussman hinted that these last additions are likely to be emotionally charged, reflecting the team’s sentiments about this significant transition.



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