Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra Might Reportedly Fend off Water Drops and Scratches

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra might reportedly fend off water drops and scratches. The new flagship from Samsung is the very first with the latest glasses from Corning, which as you should know also cuts down reflections by up to 75%.

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra Water Drops and Scratches

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra Water Drops and Scratches

The durability of smartphone cover glass has significantly improved over the years, with innovations such as Corning’s Gorilla Glass Victus and the iPhone’s “ceramic shield” leading the way. These advancements have made smartphone displays quite resistant to drops and impacts. However, a persistent issue that many users face is the susceptibility of these screens to scratches. This concern is particularly noticeable with high-end phones, and it continues to fuel the demand for screen protectors.

In a recent development during Samsung’s Unpacked event, Corning unveiled a new breakthrough in cover glass technology named Corning Gorilla Armor. This innovation is set to debut on the newly released Galaxy 24 Ultra.

Corning claims that Gorilla Armor is not only their toughest display glass to date but also significantly more scratch-resistant than any of their previous iterations. In fact, it is touted to be up to four times more resistant to scratches compared to other glass options currently available in the market.

This advancement in scratch resistance, if it lives up to its claims, could mark a major leap forward in the durability of smartphone screens, addressing one of the most common complaints from users regarding screen damage. While drop tests and other durability assessments might be left to tech enthusiasts and YouTubers, the introduction of Gorilla Armor could signify a substantial improvement in the everyday resilience of smartphone displays.

How Corning Tested Gorilla Armor

Here is how Gorilla Armor was tested by Corning;

“To measure its exceptional scratch resistance, Corning created a new lab test — the “Scratch Bot” — to replicate micro scratches caused by day-to-day wear. On this rigorous test, Gorilla Armor showed no visible scratches and demonstrated over four times more scratch resistance than competitive aluminosilicate cover glasses.”

I am really looking forward to seeing experts put this very one this their signature torture test in order to see just how the S24 is better at fending off scartaches.

Gorilla Armor is Better in Terms of Visual Clarity

The firm in question also claims that Gorilla Armor is way much, much better in terms of visual clarity. “Compared to a typical glass surface, Corning Gorilla Armor reduces reflection by up to 75 percent, which enhances display readability and minimizes screen reflections in almost any environment,” the press release of Corning says. I’m a huge fan of the antireflective coating on my iPad Pro, and if it is that the display of the S24 Ultra can rival that (or come close), shoppers are in for a treat.

The Real Test for Corning’s New Gorilla Armor

Indeed, the real test for Corning’s new Gorilla Armor, as with any new technology, lies in its performance under real-world conditions. Despite the promising claims about its enhanced scratch resistance and improved visual clarity, the ultimate validation comes from everyday use and independent reviews.


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