Samsung is set to take on Ikea with Musical Photo Frame

Samsung is set to take on Ikea with Musical Photo Frame. What do you know or have heard about Samsung’s musical frame? Well, for those who are still new to the concept and whole idea, the Samsung Music Frame is a traditional picture frame that you know of, but however with a built-in speaker inside.

Samsung Musical Photo Frame

Samsung Musical Photo Frame

If there really is one thing that we have learned so far as youngsters, it is that if you want to cover something ugly such as a crack in a wall, then you should put a poster or cover over it. The ArtCool air conditioners of LG made use of this concept and Symfonisk picture frame of Ikea does too. The new HW-LS60D Music Frame from Samsung, showing at CES 2024 builds on the idea of Ikea simply by hiding an IoT Hub on there too.

Specs and Features of The Music Frame

The Music Frame can effectively be used as a standalone Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speaker, or it can easily pair with Samsung TVs and soundbars for use as a TV speaker, surround speaker, or a subwoofer, which will be kind of unusual. The speaker as you should know delivers “excellent Dolby Atmos sound” though with a stereo-sounding mix of two woofers, two mid-range drivers, and two tweeters.

Music Frame for those that don’t know allows you to effectively fit a photograph or a printed image inside it, or “digitally print” onto the accompanying Art Panel which in case you don’t know is a diasec matte acrylic plate. And very much unlike the photo frames that you give your old folks on their birthdays, there is no LCD display present in the Music Frame, as it is just a Frame. Samsung or any of its representatives have not yet responded to questions regarding clarification on the matter.

Pricing and availability

In regards to the availability and pricing of the HW-LS60D, Samsung is yet to make an announcement.



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