Safaricom’s New Platform is Aimed at Small Businesses

Safaricom’s new platform is aimed at small businesses. To help Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) grow their businesses, Safaricom in Kenya has developed a new interaction platform.

Safaricom's New Platform is Aimed at Small Businesses
Safaricom’s New Platform is Aimed at Small Businesses

Safaricom’s New Platform is Aimed at Small Businesses

The telecom company said in a statement that the platform, called “Grow with Safaricom Business,” will give MSMEs in Kenya a chance to exchange knowledge and work together on important developments in the digital economy.

MSMEs will exchange ideas on how to use digital technology to increase their market reach, improve operations, and build a strong online brand presence at the engagement forums, which will take the shape of a series of workshops and seminars held throughout the year.

Cloud solutions, cyber security solutions, M-Pesa for Business, the Internet for Business, and the Internet of Things will be the main areas of attention.

Professionals will guide the companies through their regulatory responsibilities to guarantee compliance and sustained expansion.

Safaricom Business Series Aim to Empower MSMEs 

Cynthia Kropac, the company’s chief enterprise business officer said: “Safaricom recognizes the critical role that MSMEs play in fostering economic growth and prosperity in Kenya.”

“Through the Grow with Safaricom Business series, we aim to empower MSMEs with the knowledge and skills that can help them sustainably accelerate their growth and overcome challenges such as operational digitization, limited market access, regulatory barriers, brand building, and a lack of digital marketing skills,” she added.

In order to help MSMEs expand and thrive in the digital age, they aim to expand this series and provide them with the chance to make use of our broad network, experience, and dedication to innovation according to her.



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