Airtel Tanzania Installs 30 New Towers According To Reports

Airtel Tanzania installs 30 new towers according to reports. Just last week, Airtel Tanzania revealed that it has been expanding its own coverage in rural areas.

Airtel Tanzania Installs 30 New Towers

Airtel Tanzania Installs 30 New Towers

Airtel Tanzania, in collaboration with the government’s Universal Communications Service Access Fund, has embarked on an ambitious plan to bolster connectivity in rural areas. The telecom giant has already erected 30 new towers and aims to construct an additional 758 towers across the countryside.

Dinesh Balsingh, Managing Director of Airtel Tanzania, has underscored the importance of reducing taxes on mobile devices to enhance accessibility. By advocating for more affordable devices and improved connectivity, Balsingh believes that the quality of life for Tanzanians can be significantly enhanced.

The Current Extent of Airtel’s Network Coverage

While acknowledging recent government initiatives such as the elimination of airtime taxes and reductions in fees for infrastructure setup, Balsingh did not disclose the current extent of Airtel’s network coverage.

Airtel Tanzania Agreement with the Tanzanian Government

In October 2023, Airtel Tanzania entered into an agreement with the Tanzanian government to deploy 758 communication towers with the aim of achieving a minimum of 85% Internet penetration by 2025.

With the government holding a 49% stake in Airtel Tanzania, the company has been diligently expanding its coverage, now reaching approximately 80% of rural areas. Additionally, Airtel Tanzania has made substantial investments in 4G technology, providing coverage to 90% of its service areas.

Airtel Tanzania’s Deployment Of The 2Africa Submarine Cable

Following approval from the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority in August 2022, Airtel Tanzania has been actively involved in the deployment of the 2Africa submarine cable.

Furthermore, in 2023, the company embarked on two significant projects: the deployment of the 2Africa submarine cable and the launch of Airtel’s 5G network, demonstrating its commitment to enhancing connectivity and technological advancement in Tanzania.



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