John Allwright Fellowship Program – Apply Now!

The John Allwright Fellowship (JAF) invites scientists from partner countries who have worked on ACIAR research projects to pursue formal postgraduate qualifications at Australian universities. The main goal is to strengthen research capabilities in ACIAR partner country institutions.

John Allwright Fellowship Program

John Allwright Fellowship Program

The JAF program is the biggest investment in the ACIAR Capacity Building Program, offering scholarships for Ph.D. and master’s degrees in agricultural research. These scholarships are managed through the Australia Awards system. ACIAR also provides extra support, like mentorship and skill-building opportunities, to help scholars develop leadership skills for their careers.

The JAF Support Facility offers personalized support throughout the scholarship, including mentorship and networking events, at no cost to recipients. This support is provided in collaboration with the University of New England (UNE).

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must be citizens of the country in which they are employed. To be considered eligible, candidates must:

  • Have worked on an ACIAR project within 24 months of applying.
  • Hold qualifications equivalent to at least an Australian bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline at the time of application.
  • Be scientists or economists from the developing country partner (excluding India and Myanmar) actively involved in a collaborative research project supported by ACIAR at the time of application. ACIAR may consider supporting researchers from “advanced pipeline” projects in certain cases.
  • Be jointly supported in the application by the Australian and partner country Project Leaders if the ACIAR project is commissioned to an Australian partner, or by the partner country Project Leader and the international leader if the project is commissioned to an international partner.
  • Obtain approval from the employing institution and agree to the candidate’s absence during the scholarship period.
  • Secure written support from the proposed Research Supervisor/s. Demonstrate permanent employment rather than a short-term contract basis.

Benefits of the Fellowship Program

  • Successful ACIAR JAFs will receive additional pastoral care through the JAF Support Facility and can participate in the JAF Executive Leadership Program (JAFel), covering various topics to support career development.

Application Deadline

Applications are currently open and will close on April 30, 2024, at 23:59 Australian Eastern Standard Time.

How to Apply

To apply, visit the Online Australia Scholarships Information System (OASIS) website and register an account. Once registered, select the ACIAR John Allwright Fellowships award program. The application form will allow you to update your responses, upload supporting documents, and save your progress until the closing date.

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