Four Ex-Paystack Senior Managers Reportedly Launch GoLemon

Four ex-Paystack senior managers reportedly launch GoLemon. The four former senior managers at Paystack are now leaving the payment firm to launch this new firm GoLemon.

Ex-Paystack Senior Managers Launch GoLemon

Ex-Paystack Senior Managers Launch GoLemon

GoLemon is a startup that helps deliver groceries as well as household items. Yinka Adewuyi, Gbadegbo Gbade-Oyelakin, Abdulrahman Jogbojogbo, and Abiola Showemimo, all former employees of Paystack, dedicated at least six years of their careers to the company.

At GoLemon, Adewuyi, who previously served as a product lead at Paystack, assumes the role of CEO, while Gbade-Oyelakin, who led Paystack’s core platforms team, steps in as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Jogbojogbo, previously responsible for marketing initiatives at Paystack, will spearhead the startup’s growth efforts, and Showemimo, one of Paystack’s initial employees, will oversee operations.

The startup specializes in delivering groceries and household items to both residential and commercial premises, entering a competitive arena alongside well-funded entities like Glovo and Chowdeck, a company backed by Y Combinator. Noteworthy competitors in the Lagos market include Mano and Pricepally, which also offer grocery delivery services.

GoLemon’s Debut in the Market

GoLemon’s debut in the market follows the exit of international giants like Jumia and Bolt from the food and grocery delivery segment last year. Francis Dufay, CEO of Jumia, attributed the decision to shut down Jumia Food to challenging unit economics, sustained losses across all 11 countries of operation, and intensified competition.

Despite the retreat of major players, Jogbojogbo sees an opportune moment to venture into the grocery delivery business. He expressed confidence that, although starting amidst challenges may be daunting, overcoming the initial hurdles will pave the way for establishing a robust business.

The Drive Behind the Growth of GoLemon

Jogbojogbo highlighted the team’s reliance on Showemimo’s firsthand experience as a supermarket owner in Lagos and Gbade-Oyelakin’s expertise as the former head of engineering at Supermart, an online supermarket, to drive the growth of GoLemon.

The Unique Proposition of GoLemon

GoLemon distinguishes itself by overseeing its inventory and fulfillment centers, procuring bulk products directly from farmers and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs). According to Jogbojogbo, while GoLemon faces competition in various aspects of its product lineup, it does not encounter a direct “end-to-end competitor.”

The startup has established a sourcing network that connects directly to farmers and manufacturers, prioritizing cost optimization to appeal to a broad customer base. Primarily catering to substantial orders, GoLemon was strategically crafted with a focus on customers who consistently place repeat orders, make frequent purchases, and opt for large basket sizes, as Jogbojogbo explained.

Other Similar Developments in Recent Times

This launch follows closely after the introduction of Mira, a foodtech startup initiated by a former vice-president of Flutterwave. Meanwhile, Y Combinator (YC) has shown increased support for foodtech startups, despite scaling back its operations on the continent.



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