Vodacom Cost-free Digital Skills Training Platform

Microsoft South Africa and Vodacom South Africa are working together to offer free access to online training programs through the zero-rated Mzansi Digital Learning platform.

Vodacom Cost-free Digital Skills Training Platform
Vodacom Cost-free Digital Skills Training Platform

Vodacom Has a Cost-free Digital Skills Training Platform

Mzansi Digital Learning will be incorporated into Vodacom’s ConnectU, a zero-rated platform that allows users to access information without paying for mobile data and hosted on the company’s new NXT LVL rewards platform.

A nonprofit organization called Africa Tikkun, which supports underprivileged communities with education has selected the courses available on the platform.

The courses include anything from tech-specific subjects like “AI Explained” and “Basic Digital Literacy” to supplemental subjects like “Creative Economy & Freelancing” and “Soft Skills.”

CEO of Africa Tikkun Unveiled Afrika Tikkun’s Vision

Onyi Nwaneri, CEO of Africa Tikkun unveiled that “Afrika Tikkun’s vision is to help young people gain skills that will enable them access and sustain access into the digital economy.”

“The partnership with Microsoft and Vodacom ensures that this access is affordable, meaningful, empowering, and sustainable. Young people are encouraged to embrace this opportunity and leverage it for their advancement.”



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