Miss Sustainable Developmental Goal (MSDG) Beauty Contest 2024 (Up to N1 million Prize) – APPLY NOW

Miss Sustainable Developmental Goal (MSDG) Nigeria has officially announced the Call for Entries for its highly anticipated MSDG Beauty Contest 2024 in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria.

Miss Sustainable Developmental Goal (MSDG) Beauty Contest 2024


This contest is open to passionate and driven Nigerian women aged 18 to 30 to showcase their commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while vying for the coveted title.

The MSDG Beauty Contest seeks to empower women to pursue their dreams while advocating for sustainability and social responsibility. Participants are encouraged to embody the spirit of the SDGs, which aim to end poverty, reduce inequality, and combat climate change by 2030.

MSDG Beauty Contest 2024 – What to Expect

Participants in the MSDG Beauty Contest can expect an experience that goes beyond traditional beauty pageants.

While physical appearance is certainly a factor, contestants will also be judged on their knowledge of the SDGs and their ability to articulate how they plan to contribute to their achievement.

Winners will serve as ambassadors for sustainability and social responsibility, receiving a range of prizes and opportunities to make a meaningful impact in their communities and beyond.

Benefits for Contestants and Winners

The winner of the MSDG Beauty Contest 2024 will receive a host of benefits, including:

  • A cash prize of 1 million naira
  • A trophy
  • A crown
  • A robe and sceptre
  • Flowers and wardrobe gifts
  • A one-year makeup opportunity
  • A vacation trip
  • Modeling opportunities
  • Sponsorship for future endeavors
  • A regional royalty trip

Requirements for Participation

To be eligible for the MSDG Beauty Contest 2024, applicants must meet the requirements below:

  • Age: Participants must be between 18 and 30 years old, with consent required for those under 18.
  • Nationality: Contestants must be Nigerian, regardless of their current place of residence.
  • Health: Applicants must be in excellent physical and mental health, with no pregnancies permitted during the competition.
  • Character: Participants should possess good character, as well as beauty of face and figure.
  • Education: A minimum of a secondary/high school education is required, along with strong communication skills.

How to Apply for the MSDG Beauty Contest 2024

  • To apply for the Miss SDG Nigeria Pageant, interested candidates must visit the application page at https://msdg.ng/apply.php and complete the online application form.
  • The application process is free, allowing aspiring contestants to submit their details and express their passion for the SDGs.
  • Additionally, applicants are required to create a 60-second video introducing themselves and explaining why they aspire to be the next Miss Sustainable Developmental Goal (MSDG) Nigeria.
  • This video should be shared on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, tagging @MissSDGNaija and using the hashtag #MissNigeriaSDG.

For more details, please visit the official website at https://msdg.ng/entry.php

Competition Procedures and Selection Process

The competition for the MSDG Beauty Contest 2024 is a multi-stage process designed to identify the most qualified and passionate contestants:

  • The journey begins with the completion of the online application form;
  • Followed by the selection of 50 candidates for physical auditions in Lagos or Abuja.
  • A panel of esteemed judges, including A-list celebrities, will then narrow down the field to the top 20 contestants, who will undergo further evaluation, including social media voting.
  • The journey culminates in a grand finale event where the top 9 semi-finalists will compete for the title of Miss SDGs Nigeria. Leading up to the finale, contestants will participate in a 5-day boot camp focused on personal growth, leadership development, and advocacy for sustainable development.
  • The winner will not only receive prestigious titles and prizes but also gain access to a network of industry leaders and opportunities to promote their sustainable development initiatives on a global scale.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I compete more than once?

Contestants may compete in other pageants multiple times. However, they may only compete in the Miss SDG Nigeria pageant once per year.

What does the Miss SDG Nigeria queen do after being crowned?

After being crowned, the winner receives support from the organization to pursue her objectives for the year, including regional, national, and global initiatives related to sustainable development.

How is the Miss SDG Nigeria host city/state selected?

The host city/state is chosen based on various factors, including infrastructure and venue capabilities, with Lagos and Abuja being preferred locations.



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