TWAS-Atta-ur-Rahman Award in Chemistry for Chemist 2024 (Up to $5,000 Prize) – Apply Now

Have you heard of the TWAS-Atta-ur-Rahman Award in Chemistry? The award for 2024, supported by Searle Company Ltd, will be presented to a chemist under the age of 40, who is a citizen of a science-and-technology lagging country (STLC) and has been residing and working there for at least two years leading up to their nomination.

TWAS-Atta-ur-Rahman Award in Chemistry for Chemist 2024
TWAS-Atta-ur-Rahman Award in Chemistry for Chemist 2024

TWAS has always understood that prizes and awards serve as motivation for scientists to excel in their work and gain international acclaim. The honours presented by TWAS and its collaborators are now considered some of the most esteemed awards for research in developing countries. These accolades include the highly-regarded TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize, which highlights exceptional research in the global South, as well as awards for young scientists who are already making significant advancements in their fields.

Benefit of TWAS-Atta-ur-Rahman Award in Chemistry

  • The award is worth $5,000.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Qualified applicants are chemists under the age of 40, citizens of a developing country, and residing and working in a Scientifically and Technologically Lagging (STL) country for at least two years before their nomination. All branches of Chemistry are eligible.
  • Nominations are accepted from TWAS members, as well as science academies, national research councils, universities, and scientific institutions in both developing and developed countries.
  • All fields of Chemistry are eligible.
  • Nominations from jury members or self-nominations will be rejected. TWAS fellows are ineligible.

Nomination Requirement

A nomination will be deemed comprehensive only if it contains the following details/material:

  • Contact information of the person making the nomination;
  • Contact information of the nominee (self-nominations and nominations from jury members will not be accepted), along with general information about the nominee, such as the country where they have been residing and working for the last two years.
  • The nominee’s consent to process their data for the nomination, by Art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003, is required. This consent must be given through the online platform. A privacy authorization form can be downloaded from the ‘nominee’s personal data’ section, filled out and signed by the candidate, and then uploaded to the online platform;
  • A suggested citation (15-20 words) highlighting the nominee’s scientific accomplishments in Chemistry;
  • A detailed supporting statement about the nominee’s contributions in Chemistry, outlining the candidate’s work and its significance in the scientific field. The statement should clearly demonstrate the scientific impact of the nominee’s achievements. Vague statements will not be accepted and may negatively impact the evaluation process.
  • Detailed disclosure of the nominee’s international travel within the previous two years;
  • Details about the subject area, year, and conferring institution of the nominee’s PhD;
  • Brief overview of the nominee’s memberships in academies and societies;
  • A brief overview of awards and honours received;
  • List of the ten most significant publications in a format recognized internationally;
  • The nominee’s concise CV and complete list of publications are also to be separately uploaded to the online platform.

How to Nominate a Scientist

  • All nominations for the 2024 must be submitted via the online platform by clicking on the “NEW NOMINATION”  
  • To continue working on previously saved nominations, use the “RESUME”
  • The deadline for submitting nominations is 10 May 2024, but it is highly advisable to submit nominations as soon as possible for faster processing.

For More Information visit the Official Website of the TWAS-Atta-ur-Rahman Award in Chemistry 

Application Deadline

May 10, 2024.



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