Mirror Awards  for Journalists 2024 (Up to $10,000 In Prizes) – APPLY NOW

The 2024 Mirror Awards competition for Journalists is currently accepting submissions. These esteemed awards are widely regarded as the most significant accolades for recognizing excellence in media industry reporting.

Mirror Awards  for Journalists 2024
Mirror Awards  for Journalists 2024

In their 18th year, the Mirror Awards acknowledge outstanding reporting, analysis, and commentary that delve into the media industry’s significance in our economy, culture, and democracy. Launched by Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications in 2006, these awards pay tribute to the journalists, producers, editors, and writing teams who provide an introspective view of their industry for the public’s enlightenment.

Categories and Prizes

  • Special Topic Category (1) For 2024: Best story on the Media’s Coverage of AI’s Influence on Modern Journalism ($1,000 Reward): Present up to three instances of media reporting on artificial intelligence and its influence on the current state of the journalism industry.
  • Special Topic Category (2) For 2024: Outstanding story on the Media’s Coverage of the Israeli-Hamas Conflict ($1,000 Prize): Outline up to three instances of how the media reported on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.
  • Best Single Article/Story ($1,000 Prize): A thoroughly investigated written, digital, or broadcast piece of any format centered on the media sector. Possible elements include images, videos, supplementary articles, audio, and interactive components in addition to the main written piece. Each entry is limited to one article/story.
  • Best profile ($1,000 Prize): An extensively researched and substantiated written, broadcast, or digital feature spotlighting an influential individual or organization within the media sector. Each entry allows for the submission of one profile.
  • Best Commentary ($1,000 prize): A print, broadcast, or digital content, or a series of up to three pieces providing commentary on the media industry, showcasing the author’s comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, analytical skills, and unique voice.
  • John M. Higgins Award for Outstanding In-Depth/Enterprise Reporting ($5,000 prize): A comprehensive investigative article or a series of up to three pieces dedicated to examining the media industry. Submissions can include print, broadcast, or digital content, and may encompass multiple platforms. Evaluation will be based on the excellence of the reporting and the significance of the featured story.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Mirror Awards are open to all individuals engaged in professional reporting, commentary, or critique of the media industry, encompassing television, newspapers, magazines, radio, advertising, public relations, the internet, and other forms of content-rich digital communications.
  • Eligible entries include editorial content in print, broadcast, and online formats, such as material published in consumer and trade magazines, local and national newspapers, local, national, or syndicated radio and television features and programs, and online publications, blogs, and websites. Works must have been published or broadcast between January 1 and December 31, 2023.
  • Entries should center on the business, individuals, processes, and regulations involved in the creation or dissemination of news and entertainment content. Subjects such as television and film reviews, fictional works, and books are not eligible for consideration.

Rules of Entry

  • Writers from any age group or professional background are welcome to enter or be nominated.
  • Individuals may submit a maximum of three entries. If more than three entries are received, only the first three will be considered.
  • Written pieces should be submitted along with a URL (if applicable) and in PDF format. Podcasts, audio, or video stories must be accompanied by a URL.
  • It is permissible for individuals to enter multiple submissions in the same category, but the same piece cannot be submitted to more than one category.
  • Each entry must be submitted separately.
  • Entries may be fully or partially utilized during the awards ceremony or for event promotion. The judges’ decision is conclusive, and no further communication will be entertained.
  • If no entries are deemed worthy of citation by the judges, no awards will be presented in that category.
  • The Newhouse School will bestow one award for each winning entry, with the option to purchase additional copies of the award.
  • An individual may not win in a particular category more than three times within five years. Entries by any person who has won three times in the last five years will not be considered.
  • Judges retain the right to move entries if they are incorrectly placed or deemed a more suitable fit in another category.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Excellence of Craft: How does the quality of writing and newsgathering contribute to each piece? This encompasses meticulous attention to sourcing.
  • Framing of the issue: Does the author use the story to offer a comprehensive view of the media and its societal role?
  • Appropriateness for the intended audience: Does the author employ language and examples that are relevant and understandable to their audience? For instance, articles published for a specialized audience. Are expected to have a somewhat more technical tone compared to those intended for consumer magazines.

Application Process

Interested and Qualified?  here. Click to access the online application form.

Visit the official website of Mirror Awards for additional information.

Application Deadline

All entries must be submitted between Dec. 15,  2023, and Feb. 15, 2024.



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