Deutsche Welle (DW) Akademie International Masters Scholarship (IMS) 2024 for Journalists Worldwide – APPLY NOW

Deutsche Welle (DW) Akademie International Masters Scholarship (IMS) 2024, is a four-semester full-time Master’s program. This scholarship presents an opportunity for aspiring journalists worldwide to immerse themselves in a unique learning experience in Germany.

Deutsche Welle (DW) Akademie International Masters Scholarship
Deutsche Welle (DW) Akademie International Masters Scholarship

The International Masters Scholarship (IMS) adopts a curriculum that cuts across the following areas:

  • Journalism and Communication Sciences
  • Media Development and
  • Media Management.

DW Akademie International Masters Scholarship (IMS) – Details

The International Masters Scholarship (IMS) Course includes both academic and real-world experience, and it is taught in English. Students receive training to become qualified media specialists with the necessary confidence and abilities to handle the demands of the workforce.

Students who complete the program are ready for managerial roles in a global setting. The program targets students across the globe who wish to work in a responsible capacity in journalism or the communications industry.

Requirements for DW Akademie International Masters Scholarship

  • The DW Akademie International Masters Scholarship program is designed primarily for young journalists, media managers and communications staff from developing and transition countries
  • The specific regions include Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. But, Germans, EU citizens and prospective students from other industrialized countries are eligible to apply.
  • Prospective Candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree, and a minimum of one year of professional experience in a media-related field after graduating.
  • Prospective Candidates are expected to have a strong command of English to be considered for this scholarship

Who Can Apply?

The IMS program specifically targets:

  • Media workers from radio, TV, online and print
  • Young journalists (workers with electronic media?
  • Journalists from community radio stations including their managers
  • Communications experts
  • NGO employees
  • Government ministry employees
  • Staff working in the area of development cooperation
  • Reps from national broadcasters’ regional working groups
  • Media association representatives

How to Apply

Application for the Deutsche Welle (DW) Akademie International Masters Scholarship (IMS) 2024 is online. Qualified Candidates should visit the DW website at to apply

Application Deadline

February 29, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of company is Deutsche Welle?

DW is Germany’s international broadcaster.

Who finances Deutsche Welle?

Deutsche Welle (DW) receives funding  from the state (tax revenue)

How does Deutsche Welle know who its audience is?

Deutsche Welle’s (DW) research covers a wide range of markets and media. This enables them to understand their audience.

Does Deutsche Welle offer language courses?

Yes, there are free language courses offered, this includes German lessons via a variety of materials and offers.

How do I offer a pitch/an article or suggest a topic?

DW does not accept articles or content from third parties. A case-by-case basis is used to review topic suggestions.



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