FIFA 23 Allows You to Turn Off Commentary

FIFA 23 allows you to turn off commentary that points out just how bad you are.

FIFA 23 Allows You to Turn Off Commentary

FIFA 23 Allows You to Turn Off Commentary

The FIFA 2023 game might just be the very best soccer game yet for sports fans that are terrible and not that good as it allows you to now turn off commentary that criticizes your bad playing style.

Now that the early access FIFA 2023 release time has passed, both Xbox game pass ultimate and EA Play subscribers can now hop into the game ahead of its scheduled full release. But as spotted by Eurogamer, they will get to find a unique option awaiting them.

FIFA 23 has added a toggle that will turn off ‘Critical Commentary’. This very setting allows you to silence all negative in-match comments that are made about your technique. With this, you can easily protect your ego even in the event that you miss an open goal or commit an obvious foul. The more positive commentary however will not be affected.

The New Feature Is Geared Towards Children and New Players

This new feature looks kind of tailored towards children and new players who wish to not have their confidence affected within minutes of playing. But even players that are experienced who just happen to be terrible at the game might also benefit.

You should however know that it is not perfect. And according to Eurogamer, the feature did not seem to work during the FIFA Ultimate Team Division Rivals match, with critical comments going through the filter. And even at that, who has not benefited from a light grilling every now and then? My thoughts.

Other New Additions to FIFA 23

However, the polite commentary is not the only new addition in FIFA 23. This is the first game in the series to add women’s football teams and fancy overhauled animations that will take advantage of the new-gen hardware of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. EA however will be hoping to end on a high as FIFA 23 will be the last of its soccer games to be released with the official FIFA license.

In all, if disabling critical commentary does not improve your soccer skills, then just maybe building a squad of superheroes will. Although you may however not get to do much with Td lasso walking around the pitch.

FIFA 23 Release Date

In other news, FIFA 23 is set for a complete release this very Friday, September 30.


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