Easy Step-By-Step Guide on How to Apply to Grad School

For those who need more qualifications after having their bachelor’s degree, grad school is the right place to go. If you do not know how best to start, take a look at the easy step-by-step process or guide on how to apply to grad school.

Easy Step-By-Step Guide on How to Apply to Grad School

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Easy Step-By-Step Guide on How to Apply to Grad School

It could be very stressful to apply for grad school. If utmost care is not taken, you will miss very important deadlines.

Whether you just started thinking about grad school or you are preparing for GRE, we will show you all you need to know about the application process.

We will give you all the answers even to your unasked questions.

When To Apply for Grad School

All graduate programs have their specific application deadlines and dates. The best way to know the application deadline is to research the specific programs that interest you before working on your application process.

Generally, it’s best to submit your application during the fall or winter of the year before the next matriculation date. To get more information about the application process for grad school, continue reading the article.

Grad School Application Timeline

Most grad programs applications do not open up until 9 months before the set resumption date. However, if you want to apply for grad school, you should start your application preparation some months before now.

Generally, here’s what your application timeline will look like;

2 Years Before Grad School

This is the best time to start planning, researching, and narrowing down your interest.

1 Year Before Grad School

This is the best time to start preparing, taking the GRE, and start gathering your application materials. You could also start applying for financial aid now.

9 Months Before Grad School

Now, apply for grad school. Get your application form as early as you can.

6 Months Before Grad School

Now compare the schools that you have applied to. Weigh the pros and cons of each of the schools that you have been accepted to and decide where you want to matriculate.

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Grad School Admission Requirements

To apply for grad school, you will need the following requirements;

  • Grad school application forms
  • Your academic transcripts
  • Your statement or purpose
  • Reference or supporting letters
  • Grad school test scores
  • Your grad school application fees
  • GRE scores
  • An admission interview
  • Your letters of recommendation.

What GRE Score Do You Need?

To get into grad school, GRE is a standardized test that you will need to write. This test measures your command of basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data analysis, and college-level vocabulary. This test accesses your ability to analyze and evaluate written materials, solve problems, and your critical thinking skills.

There is a threshold GRE score for every Grad school.

A high GRE score will have a very positive effect on your graduate school application. Before making your goals, make sure you do proper research on the GRE requirements of your preferred graduate school or program.

As you prepare for the GRE test day, it is very important to develop a very good approach. By this, I mean an approach that makes you very comfortable with the question type and the area of your content on GRE.

Now, pace yourself carefully and you will exceed your goals.

How Many Grad Schools Should You Apply To?

Think of Grad School as a good method of marketing yourself. There are lots of things you can do to make sure that your application is as strong and persuasive as it should be.

The golden rule on the number of applications you should go through is to make sure you do as many applications as you can handle.

It is advisable to do as many as three high-standard applications to three different schools, rather than doing shabby or low-quality applications to lots of schools.

Now divide your applications into three general categories

Dream Schools

The schools you’d love to attend but your chances of acceptance are uncertain

Target Schools

The programs you would like to attend and your grades and GRE are close to the average or median.

Safety Schools

These are the programs that you will most likely get accepted for.

Even at these levels of possibilities, make sure that your applications to these institutions are of high quality, obeying the rules yet to be given in this article.

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What Are the Best Grad Schools?

There is no ideal best grad school for every single person. The best grad school is different for everyone.

There are lots of options to choose from. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a grad school;

  • Favorable location
  • Reputation and the prestige of the school
  • The curriculum and features of the program
  • The career or job opportunities that your grad school or program can provide.
  • The school culture.

Tips For Applying to Graduate School: Interview Tips

Interviews are not compulsory for all grad school programs but some schools use interviews to evaluate borderline cases.

Here are some tips to follow if you are going for a grad school interview;

  • Try reviewing your application the day before, make sure you say what tallies to what is on your application.
  • Think ahead of time, and talk about your role in leadership positions. Talk about how you have helped others, and how you have become a role model. Talk about how you will apply those qualities to your new grad school environment.
  • Make sure you ask the right questions. Ask about the programs, the school, or the graduate communities. Make sure your questions show that you have done your homework.
  • Be prepared to give a very compelling answer if you are asked why you chose the program.
  • Make sure you focus on your presentation both inside and out.
  • Be prepared. Stay focused and be friendly.
  • Always be open and honest, be yourself.

How To Pay for Grad School

There are lots of challenges that come with earning a graduate degree. One such challenge is raising the money to pay for your fees all by yourself.

The tips given below will help you conquer these challenges.

  • Apply for scholarships, fellowships, and grants
  • Use a portion of your assistantship
  • Get tax-free assistance from your employer
  • Start planning early enough for grad school.
  • Utilize all your loan opportunities.

Requirements To Apply For Master’s Degree

To get a master’s degree, you must have completed a bachelor’s degree with a least GPA of 3.0.

For many schools, you will have to take entrance examinations like GRE and GMAT.

For some schools, you will be required to take an entrance examination if you do not meet the minimum 2.75 GPA.

Apart from these, master’s programs have different specific criteria. Some of these programs require specific bachelor’s degree qualifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Most Important When Applying To Grad School?

There are five main areas that most institutions look out for when selecting graduate students. These areas are academic records, personal statements, letters of recommendation, research experience (and/or clinical experience, if you’re applying to a clinical program), and match to the program/advisor.

How Can I Increase My Chances Of Getting Into Grad School?

If you want to be favored in your application to grad school, do the following;

  • Keep your grade point high
  • Choose your course wisely
  • Study enough for admission tests
  • Gain good leadership experience
  • Cultivate a good relationship with your professors.

What Are The 3 Basics You Need To Think About To Apply To Grad School?

The three important areas to look out for in your application process are ;

Recommendations: Choose recommenders who know you very well, and ask for strong recommendations. Request recommendations in advance.

Test scores: Set a goal and take the test very early.

Transcripts: Request required transcripts as stated by your grad school.

Does GPA matter for Master?

Of course, it matters. But grades lose some importance as you continue on your academic path. Colleges separate high school grades; graduate schools examine undergraduate transcripts.

Do Grad Schools Care About Extracurricular?

Of course. it will most likely be the first and most important aspect of an extracurricular activity or volunteer work that a graduate school will look for in your application. Therefore, look for volunteer opportunities that will line up with your future field of study during your undergraduate years.

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