Taco Bell Is Set To Bring Back Yet another Discontinued Item

Taco Bell is set to bring back yet another discontinued item and this simply means that you soon will be lunching on a Double Decker Taco or Enchirito.

Taco Bell Is Set To Bring Back Yet another Discontinued Item

Taco Bell Is Set To Bring Back Yet another Discontinued Item

It’s no doubt that Mexican Pizza had its time in the limelight. And now a taco bell offering is all set to make a return from the land of discontinued menu items.  But however, the fast food chain is leaving everything up in the air for fans to decide on which.

Taco bell will be bringing back one of two options and it is either Double Decker taco or Enchirito just before the end of 2022. The said item will be made available only for a limited time frame as per a press release.

You Can Now Vote on the Company’s App Starting from September 27

Those set of people that want a taste of either of these savory creations can cast a daily vote in the company’s app from September 27 through to October 6. In order to vote you will need to have a taco bell rewards account and be signed in to it. The snack that will be making a comeback will be shared on October 7 which is the next day.

The Double Decker Taco and Enchirito Are Among the Most Requested Menu Items of Taco Bell

According to the restaurant chain, the Double Decker Taco and Enchirito are among the most requested menu items of Taco Bell. The Double Decker Taco will involve an outer layer of a soft flour tortilla that is spread with beans. That alone encapsulates a crunchy Taco shell that is filled with beef, cheddar cheese, and lettuce. It was discontinued in 2019 by Taco Bell.

The Enchirito on the other hand consists of a beef, bean, and onion-loaded soft flour tortilla which is rolled up and then coated in red sauce and also topped with cheddar cheese. This very menu item was discontinued earlier in 2013.

Taco Bell Brought Back Its Mexican Pizza Recently

Just recently, Taco Bell brought back its Mexican pizza which is a pizza sauce-topped option that sandwiches beans and beef between two fried flour tortillas after it removed it in 2020.


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