Razer, Qualcomm, and Verizon Are Manufacturing a Gaming Handheld

Razer, Qualcomm, and Verizon are manufacturing a gaming Handheld. That being said, it now means a new competitor to switch is now entering the market and now in the form of the Razer Edge 5G.

Razer, Qualcomm, and Verizon Are Manufacturing a Gaming Handheld

Razer, Qualcomm, and Verizon Are Manufacturing a Gaming Handheld

The Nintendo switch, Logitech G Cloud, and Valve Steam Deck are set to have a new competitor on the block which is a new gaming handheld that is co-developed by Razer, Qualcomm, and Verizon. The news was announced on Wednesday by Verizon and the new device will be called the Razer Edge 5G and I will be running on android on top of the Snapdragon G3X Gen 1 gaming platform by Qualcomm.

And just as one would have expected with Verizon as a partner, the new portable gaming device also will include support for the carrier’s faster 5G Ultra Wideband networks and this is including both C-band and millimeter-wave flavors of 5G. The carrier says that the console will be able to play games locally, streamed from a console or they can be streamed directly from the cloud.

This Partnership Is the Latest Attempt by Verizon to Venture into the World of Gaming

This very partnership is the latest step by Verizon in venturing into the world of gaming. The company gradually has been making its presence felt in the gaming space in more recent years and most notably with the sales of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series s and x gaming consoles by Sony and Microsoft respectively online and in stores. The new Razer Edge 5G handheld will be able to stream games from Xbox cloud gaming by Microsoft directly.

Qualcomm and Razer Have Teamed Up Most Recently On a Reference Device

Both Qualcomm and Razer on the other hand teamed up most recently on a reference device for the gaming platform of Qualcomm which was debited last year.

Verizon has stated that more details on the new device will be revealed at the RazerCon event by Razer on October 15. It however did not reveal just how much it will cost.


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