Inside McDonalds’ New Happy-Meal-Inspired Box for Adults      

Inside McDonalds’ new happy-meal-inspired box for adults – the boxed meal has been reported to come with either nuggets or burgers. You should also know about the figurines in the mix that are kind of looking wonky.

Inside McDonalds’ New Happy-Meal-Inspired Box for Adults      

Inside McDonalds’ New Happy-Meal-Inspired Box for Adults

The fast food chain company McDonald’s soon will be selling boxed meals that are adults focused. And each of these boxed foods will be having a cool odd looking figurine inside of it. Another thing to note here is that the meals also come with odd names too such as the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box which is based on the fashion brand collaborating on the collaboration with McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Inspiration behind the Meal Box             

And according to McDonald’s, the box is inspired by the memory of enjoying a happy meal as a kid. The outer part of the box is multi-colored and it also features the familiar golden arches of the chain. On the first day, you can get yourself a cactus plant Flea market box and this will be on Monday, October 3. The pricing is all set by individual restaurants and may however vary according to McDonald’s. While supplies last, the menu will be available in-restaurant, drive-thru, on the McDonald’s mobile app, or by delivery.

What to Expect With the New Meal Boxes

You can also opt to select between a Big Mac or a 10-piece chicken McNuggets. It will also be coming with fries and a drink to go with it.

Now in regards to the toys. The boxes are set to come packed in one of four figurines. And three of the four will appear to be artsy takes on the classic McDonald’s characters Grimace, Birdie the Early Bird, and Hamburglar while the fourth on the other hand will be a little yellow guy that will be sporting a McDonald’s shirt known as Cactus buddy.

Other McDonald’s News

In other news regarding McDonald’s, Halloween buckets could be making a return to the chain this very fall. That being said, you should try and leave room in your stomach for a trip down memory lane.


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