Federal Trade Commission Asked To Veto Amazon-Roomba Deal

Federal Trade Commission asked to veto the Amazon-Roomba deal. A letter from Elizabeth Warren to the commission raises concern over something that she and her colleague term “amazons anticompetitive policies.”

Federal Trade Commission Asked To Veto Amazon-Roomba Deal

Federal Trade Commission Asked To Veto Amazon-Roomba Deal

Senator Elizabeth Warren and five other members of the House of Representatives have asked the federal trade commission to oppose the proposed acquisition of iRobot by amazon on Thursday, Axios which is the manufacturer of the robot vacuum cleaner reported on Thursday.

“Given our concerns with Amazon’s anticompetitive policies that put consumers and their privacy at risk, we urge the FTC to oppose the proposed Amazon-iRobot acquisition,” the lawmakers stated.

Amazon’s Reaction to The Request by the House of Representatives

A spokesperson from amazon in a statement pushed back on the claims as stated in the letter. “The letter contains a number of falsehoods and is broadly inaccurate,” the spokesperson highlighted. “We will continue to cooperate with regulators, and we are confident that this deal is pro-competitive and will make customers’ lives better and easier.”

Amazon Announced Its Intentions to acquire iRobot for $1.7 Billion in August

Back in August, amazon made clear its intentions to acquire iRobot for $1.7 billion. The letter from the lawmakers is coming a little just over a week after the federal trade commission made a request, a second one to be precise in regards to information from both iRobot and amazon as part of its review of the whole deal in question. The request from the FTC extends the process of the review and thus indicates a higher level of scrutiny.


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