Microsoft’s White Disc-Less Xbox Series X Console Reportedly Leaked Online

Microsoft’s white disc-less Xbox series X console reportedly leaked online. It just looks like the plans of Microsoft for a larger Xbox Series X refresh might just have changed finally.

Microsoft’s White Disc-Less Xbox Series X Console

Microsoft’s White Disc-Less Xbox Series X Console

It seems like Microsoft is gearing up to release a white version of its Xbox Series X console, and guess what? It won’t have a disc drive. Exciting, right? Exputer recently leaked some images of this white Xbox Series X, showing off its sleek design that matches the black version we’re familiar with.

Now, here’s the cool part: the white coating on this Xbox Series X is just like the one used on the Xbox Series S, which Microsoft calls “robot white.” But that’s not all. According to Exputer, this white Xbox Series X will come with some upgraded internal components, including a better heatsink for keeping the console cool.

The Changes Have Been Confirmed

The Verge has gotten its hands on some documents that further confirm these changes, making it pretty likely that the leaked photos are legit. Of course, we’ve reached out to Microsoft to get their take on it.

Exputer also mentioned that this new white Xbox Series X might hit the shelves in June or July, and get this—it could be $50 to $100 cheaper than the current $499 price tag of the Xbox Series X. That’s some good news for gamers looking to save a few bucks.

Xbox Console Refresh Called Brooklin

Now, you might be wondering about another rumored Xbox console refresh called Brooklin. It was supposed to be more cylindrical in design and also disc-less like this white Xbox Series X. Microsoft even called it “adorably all digital” in internal documents. However, it seems like plans for Brooklin might have been shelved or delayed.

Brooklin Console’s Price and Availability

Originally slated for a November release at $499, the Brooklin console’s fate remains uncertain. Xbox head chief Phil Spencer addressed leaks about Brooklin last year, hinting that things might have changed behind the scenes. He promised to spill the beans on Microsoft’s real plans when the time was right.

New Consoles and Potential Discounts

So, there you have it—exciting times ahead for Xbox fans. With new consoles and potential discounts on the horizon, it’s definitely something to keep an eye on. Who knows what surprises Microsoft has in store for us next? We’ll just have to wait and see.



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