Google Will Now Allow the Pixel 8 Run On-Device AI after All

Google will now allow the Pixel 8 to run on-device AI after all. What does this mean after the company had previously kicked against it? Well, I guess that public shaming after all works.

Google Will Now Allow the Pixel 8 Run On-Device AI

Google Will Now Allow the Pixel 8 Run On-Device AI

Hey everyone, exciting news! We’ve achieved something pretty awesome together. We managed to convince Google to make a change for the better. Starting with the next Pixel feature drop, the Pixel 8 will now be able to use on-device AI, thanks to Gemini Nano.

Let’s rewind a bit. In December, Google introduced Gemini Nano as a mobile-optimized large language model. They hinted that it would be a big part of Android’s future. But here’s the kicker: when it came to their own Pixel lineup, only the Pixel 8 Pro could access it.

Even though both the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro have the same Tensor G3 chipset, Google claimed that the Pixel 8 couldn’t handle on-device AI due to “hardware limitations.” Naturally, Pixel fans and Android enthusiasts were scratching their heads, wondering what was going on.

The Pixel 8 Will Now Receive Support for Gemini Nano

But guess what? Our voices were heard. Google listened, and now the Pixel 8 will receive support for Gemini Nano in the upcoming Pixel feature drop. It’ll be available as a developer preview, enabling cool features like on-device recorder summaries and smart replies in Gboard, just like the Pixel 8 Pro. It’s a win for us and for innovation.

Other Tech Firms with Similar Moves

Meanwhile, Samsung isn’t sitting idly by. They’ve started rolling out AI features to their older flagship phones. In fact, they’ve made it clear that their AI expansion will utilize both on-device and off-device AI. Suddenly, Google’s excuse about “hardware limitations” doesn’t seem so convincing anymore.

But hey, let’s focus on the positive. This victory is something we should all celebrate. It goes to show that when we come together and speak up, change can happen. Peer pressure, folks—it works wonders.

Google Finally Succumbed To Pressure

So there you have it. The Pixel 8 will soon be rocking on-device AI, thanks to our collective efforts. It’s a win-win for Pixel users everywhere, and a testament to the power of community action. Keep raising your voices, because who knows what other changes we can inspire next?



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