Google Adds Ratings to Go With Its New AI Tools for Shoppers

Google adds ratings to go with its new AI tools for shoppers. This means that shoppers can now vote yay or nay on items that they find in search in a bid to hopefully find more of the stuff that they like.

Google Adds Ratings with Its New AI Tools

Google Adds Ratings with Its New AI Tools

Google has introduced a new feature called Style Recommendations to help shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for when browsing for clothes on its mobile website or apps. This feature is now available for users signed in from the US.

Similar to rating movies on Netflix or swiping on Tinder, users can rate items they come across during their searches. This helps Google understand its preferences better and refine its recommendations accordingly.

Once users have found items they like, they can specify the brands they prefer. This will prompt Google to display more clothing options from those brands.

Google Previously Tested AI Tools to Assist Users

Previously, Google tested AI tools to assist users in finding items they might like. For example, they experimented with an image generation feature that creates outfits based on prompts and allows users to find similar items.

They also tested a virtual try-on feature, which lets shoppers see how dresses from various brands look on them. Both of these features are now available on Google Shopping.

Other Tech Firms to Implement AI Tools for Shopping

Google is not alone in implementing AI tools for shopping. Amazon’s shopping assistant, Rufus, helps customers with product inquiries, and the company also offers AI-based sizing recommendations.

However, AI-powered shopping features are still relatively new and may not always provide accurate results. Some users have reported confusion and received clothing items that didn’t fit well.



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