Change Google Home Voice: How to Change the Google Assistant Voice

This article explains the method on how you can Change Google Home Voice. Instructions from this article apply to the Google Assistant app on Android and iOS for users within the U.S.

Change Google Home Voice

Change Google Home Voice

The available voice options rely on the device; older ones may have fewer choices. If you don’t know the process on how to Change Google Home Voice already, read this article.

How to Change the Google Assistant Voice

One way to change the voice Google Assistant uses is to mention hey Google, change your voice into your device. However, it’s easier to choose one manually.

The following steps apply to Google Assistant and also the Google Home app.

  • Activate Google Assistant using one among these methods:
  • Say OK Google if Google Assistant is all set up.
  • Launch the Google Assistant app.
  • Tap the home button or Google Assistant button on the bottom of the displayed screen.
  • If Google Assistant fills only half the screen, either tap the Inbox icon on the lower-left side of the Explorer icon on the lower-right side.
  • In the Google Home app, tap the profile icon within the lower-right corner of the screen, then skip to Step 3.
  • Go to the top section of the screen and choose your account icon or initials.
  • If you do not see your account icon, select the Menu button (the three dots).
  • Go to Settings, tap on Assistant, then select Assistant voice. If you do not see an Assistant option, choose Preferences.
  • On iOS, tap your account icon, move to the Assistant tab, then choose Assistant voice.
  • Select the voice you would like Google Assistant to use. Scroll left and right to search out more options, then tap the circles to listen to samples.
  • Choosing a unique Google Assistant voice doesn’t change anything from your google assistant. The voice is active anywhere you decide to access the Google Assistant along with your Google account on your smartphone, tablet, or Google Home.

Tap on the home button to end the activities on the app when you’re finished. The settings will save automatically.

Which Voices are Available?

When Google Assistant first launched, it only had a default female voice. Google added a male option in 2017, and both of the initial options are still available today.

Advances within the WaveNet technology that’s behind Google Assistant’s natural-sounding voice have made it easier to implement new options that sound even as good as the originals.

Several new Google Assistant voices launched within the spring of 2018 and more options like celebrity voices might become available later in the future. And that’s how to Change Google Home Voice.

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