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Have you ever thought of looking back at your former videos, posts, and status updates on Facebook? If you’ve ever had that thought, then you should stop thinking because it is now a reality. With the Facebook memories settings feature now made readily available for all users, one can now view previous moments, posts, photos, and videos.

Facebook Memories Settings

Facebook Memories Settings

The Facebook Memories setting is a feature integrated into Facebook to let users set up how to view their memories from the past from the recent one to those long ago on Facebook Memories. Not only can you view these memories, but you could also share and delete them if you want. All these are available in the Facebook memories settings.

How to Use the Facebook Memories Settings

One of the amazing features you can ever find on Facebook is the Facebook memories.  It is like a journal containing series of past events that one can open to at any given time.  Isn’t this awesome?  So, why don’t you turn on your memories on Facebook and get to see those who you might have had memories longer than you have ever known?

Through the Facebook memories settings, you can easily make some adjustments to your views on Facebook memories like turning notifications on or off for Facebook memories and making changes to things that appear on your Facebook memories. Additionally, the Facebook Memories settings grant you the permission of sharing and deleting your Facebook memories, giving you full control of your Facebook memories.

How to See Memories on Facebook

Most people say life is short but filled with our past and also our present. But, the past tends to leave countless memories which tend to last forever but how many can we remember. That is why with Facebook memories, we get to see our memories made on Facebook from our posts from the previous years to those posts you were tagged in, from the life events shared down to the ones we were invited in, and so on.

One thing that might keep bothering our mind is how to see these memories on Facebook, how to turn on these memories on Facebook, why are my memories not showing up on Facebook, and all that. But with these few easy steps, all those questions driving your thoughts will all come to their final destination:

  • Of course, first, you must always do – launch or open your Facebook app
  • Click on the menu bar that looks like three parallel lines
  • Once your menu is displayed on your screen, click on the memories option

Wow! So, how do you feel looking right unto the deep-rooted memories you had long ago with your friends down to the recent ones. Aren’t these amazing? Your posts, with the ones you were tagged with as well as your date, engagement, and wedding anniversary and so much more including the time you and someone became friends on Facebook are all in appearance in your Facebook memories.  So don’t ever think Facebook Memories is going away because memories always last forever.

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