Microsoft Plans To Make Edge Browser Better Than Chrome

Microsoft already has plans in place to make Edge browser better than Chrome. The company has now added badges to the service to help highlight quality add-ons that will improve the browser genuinely.

Microsoft Plans To Make Edge Browser Better Than Chrome

Microsoft Plans To Make Edge Browser Better Than Chrome

The Edge browser by Microsoft is going to make an effort on its end to help you improve the browser with a new system of badges for add-ons.

Add-ons or better known as extensions as you should know are little extras that can be bolted onto the browser to help deliver all sorts of functionalities. But the trick clearly to making the Edge a better browser with them is selecting good add-ons, and not bloat or poor quality efforts or even malicious ones in the worst-case scenario.

What the New System by Microsoft Offers

And as reported by MS Power User, what the new system delivers is a badge which is a visual icon that will be present on the product description page and in other places to show that any given type of browser extension is of high quality to deserve that very label. So in general, you get to know that you are getting something that is trustworthy and that will also work well.

Microsoft Will Soon Start To Test Extension Badges in the Edge Addons Store (EAS)

Tech Company Microsoft has stated that it will soon start testing extension badges in the Edge Addons Store (EAS). The company however notes that: “Edge is starting with a small-scale experiment and will begin to engage with the developer community to talk through the criterion and help them get acquainted with the badging process on EAS.”


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