Microsoft Calls for Calm after Windows 11 Driver Issues

Microsoft calls for calm after Windows 11 driver issues. The tech company assures users that the failures of a driver update will not harm the PC.

Microsoft Calls for Calm after Windows 11 Driver Issues

Microsoft Calls for Calm after Windows 11 Driver Issues

Just recently, windows 11 has been annoying some users with the failure of driver updates, and many of them in some cases, but Microsoft has however advised users that these reported errors are nothing to worry about.

The bugged updates if you recall are affecting those on Windows 11 22H2 across a host of PCs and this is including Microsoft’s Surface devices in particular, going by the reports and they are causing failures of installation of hardware drivers. Those very failures are accompanied by an ‘0x80070103’ error which of course is not very helpful in this case thus failing to inform the user of what really has gone wrong.

Microsoft Has Informed Users of the Main Cause

The good news here however is that Microsoft has informed users of what is really happening here and apparently, there is nothing to be afraid of. And just as Windows latest reports, Microsoft posted an official response to the reported issue and noted that it “shouldn’t impact your general usage.”

The company however has explained that the error is showing because the driver updates actually have been installed.

The Negative Impact of the Reported Bug

The only negative impact of the reported bug then is seeing the installation failure errors themselves and also that there is no form of ramifications beyond that, so your PC should not be affected in the slightest. Anyways, that’s the theory although Microsoft does couch its message above with a ‘shouldn’t’ which leaves room for doubt, maybe.


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