Details of a New Discless Xbox Series X Spotted In Leaked Microsoft Presentation

Details of a new discless Xbox Series X spotted in leaked Microsoft presentation. With the reported leaks, it simply means one thing and that is that the Xbox maker has some really big plans for the year 2024.

Discless Xbox Series X

Discless Xbox Series X

It is expected to be another five years until Microsoft gets to the next-generation Xbox, but there however could be a new Xbox Series X on the horizon. A discless Xbox Series X, which is in question codenamed Brooklin, might just be in the works, as per leaked court documents that reportedly surfaced on Tuesday.

The New Xbox Design

The new Xbox in question would have a very unique cylinder-like design that does not feature a disc drive, a USB-C plug in the front, updated internal parts that is inclusive of Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2, as well as 2TB of storage, which is in question double the amount that is available in the current Xbox Series X. Brooklin would as you should know would make use of less power than the current Xbox Series X by 15% and then have a new low-power standby mode that is reportedly 20% less power than the current standby mode of the console, as per the court documents.

Content of the Leaked Documents

The documents in question as you should know appear to be part of an exhibit in FTC v. Microsoft, in which Sony is now attempting to prove to US regulators that its acquisition of publisher Activision Blizzard will not lead to or create an anti-competitive video game market. A version of the exhibits that is reportedly containing “non-public information” was reportedly uploaded to a public District Court page for the case, as per a court order on Tuesday. And after the court was notified, it moved to take away all trial exhibits from the internet, but however not before the documents were posted on ResetEra forums and then reported on by The Verge.

Other Content and Details of the Leak

Along with the company’s plans for a possible Xbox Series X refresh, the leak in question also showed details of a new controller that is codenamed Sebille. Details regarding the controller list it has Bluetooth 5.2, new mobile app features, precision haptic feedback, a built-in accelerometer, a reported ability to wake up the controller just by lifting it, and then a rechargeable and swappable battery.

Release Date of the Rumored Xbox Series X

According to the documents, Microsoft reportedly plans to release the new Xbox Series X, which is codenamed the Sebille controller, and a refresh of the Xbox Series S all in 2024.

On a request for confirmation, Microsoft did not respond immediately.



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