RTX 4070 Pricing Reportedly Leaked

RTX 4070 pricing reportedly leaked and it is seen by many users as a breath of fresh air, but just hope that Nvidia delivers on it. And if anything about this rumor is true, then it will seem like finally we are getting o affordable GPUs once again.

RTX 4070 Pricing Leaked

RTX 4070 Pricing Leaked

The reported and upcoming Nvidia RTX 4070 has had its pricing leaked, with an apparent MSRP of $599 at launch as per VideoCardz. And although the sources of VideoCardz did not specify any pricing details outside of the united states, we can say it is safe to assume that from previous RTX 4000 GPU prices that it will be costing somewhere around £599 / AU$999.

Source of the Leak

The leak is allegedly from briefings that a sent out to press and business partners by Nvidia, which directly aligns with the timeframe of the rumored release date of April 13. So while this may be a leak and should as well be taken with a pinch of salt, it is probable that the reported $599 price tag is true, although third-party cards from other manufacturers will very much likely cost more.

The pricing in question puts it in line with the launch price of the previous-gen RTX 3070 Ti, thus demonstrating a huge step up in generational pricing, but one thing is that I am not very much worried about that as the 3070 Ti was a really decent GPU that did not justify its asking price at the time of its release, while the rumored specs of the RTX 4070 indicates that it comfortably should outperform the last gen card at every level.

Expert Opinion on the Pricing

The pricing here feels more accessible in contrast to the last one, and that really is a good thing. The truth is $599 for a graphics card is still expensive. It’s very unlikely that the RTX 4070 will be finding its way onto the list of the best cheap graphics cards, and with that being said, we will probably be waiting for the RTX 4060 or the 4050 for that.



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